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Online Tix Avail Update, Saturday 10 pm - All Online tickets are SOLD OUT.

There will be approximately 12 Program A and 6 Program B single tickets available at the door at 3:30 pm March 20.


Essential Event Info

W H A T :

  • Two programs ("A" and "B"), with running times of 94 and 106 minutes, respectively. In English and various languages with English subtitles.
  • Genre: Short Live-Action & Animation; comedy, drama and documentary.
  • NR (not rated) but generally suitable for all audiences, high-school and older.

    W H E N :

    IMPORTANT: Daylight Savings Time starts at 2 AM Sunday, March 13 -- set your clocks ahead one hour.

    2011 Screening Dates:
  • Sun, Mar 13, Program A, 4:30 pm
  • Sun, Mar 13, Program B, 7:30 pm
  • Tue, Mar 15, Program A, 7:30 pm
  • Wed, Mar 16, Program B, 7:30 pm
  • Sun, Mar 20, Program A, 4:30 pm
  • Sun, Mar 20, Program B, 7:30 pm

  • Doors open at 3:30 and 6:30 pm for the two Sunday screenings; at 6:00 pm for the Tuesday and Wednesday screenings.

    W H E R E :

  • The Madison Theater
    730 Madison Avenue, Covington KY 41011
  • FREE PARKING in surface lots behind and adjacent to the theatre:
    Madison Theater Parking Map.
  • Directional Maps:
    Interactive Google Street Map
    Cincy-Covington Bridge & Street Grid

    T I C K E T S :

  • Single Tix $10 for Program A or Program B
  • Save 20% - Combo Tix $16 for both Programs A and B


    §   $16 Combo and $10 Single Tix:

  •   ON-LINE
  •   Tollfree 1-877-548-3237
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    How Online Services Charges are Calculated
    $16.00 combo pairs (Programs "A" and "B")
    Pairs       Pair     Total     Charge per	
    of          Face     Service   Individual
    Tickets     Value    Charge    Ticket
    1 16.00 2.84 1.42
    2 32.00 4.68 1.17
    3 48.00 6.52 1.09
    4 64.00 8.36 1.05
    5 80.00 10.20 1.02
    6 96.00 12.04 1.00
    7 112.00 13.88 0.99
    8 128.00 15.72 0.98
    Note: Phone orders from Ticket Fusion incur an additional charge of 0.50 per combo pair.

    §   $10 Single Tix only:

  •   Sitwell's Coffee House
    513 281 7487 — Ludlow Avenue, Clifton

  •   Lookout Joe Coffee Roasters
    513 871 8626 — Mt. Lookout Square

  •   Shake It Music & Video
    513 591 0123 — Hamilton Ave, Northside

  •   Coffee Emporium
    513 651 5483 — Downtown Cincinnati

    Tickets at the door, subject to availability.

    Socialize before
    the Films -
    Enjoy Cocktails & Dinner
    Enjoy a meal and your favorite beverage along with a great CWC film event!



    Exclusive Tri-State engagement – 4 days only !!
    10th Annual Oscar Shorts
    CWC presents its 10th Annual Screening
    of the Academy Award Nominated
    Live-Action & Animated Short Films

    with Oscar Nominees from Australia, Belgium, Burundi, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Madagascar, the UK and the USA; and bonus films from Germany and the USA.

    Cincinnati World Cinema :: Oscar Shorts 2011 Slide Show

    Oscar Winner - God of Love

    The only opportunity to see Academy Award winning and nominated short films on the big screen, at one time, in one place. Oscar Shorts sold out in advance last year -- to avoid disappointment and get the dates you want, please consider purchasing at your earliest convenience.


    In addition to the ten nominated films (including two Oscar winners) we've added funny commercials from around the world and two bonus films so that each program will have an equal number of Live-Action and Animated films.

    Come early, park once — you can socialize, drink and dine between or before the programs. Make time to treat yourself to these outstanding short films, and bring your friends!!

        Learn More:     How the Oscar Short Films are selected    


  • To avoid raising ticket prices, we are returning to the Madison Theater in Covington, the site of our initial Oscar Shorts screening in 2002 — which was the first film event in the newly renovated theater.

    To stay at the Redmoor this year and absorb a 25% rent increase and 20% increase for ancillary services would mean increasing Oscar Shorts ticket prices.

    We value the Cincinnati World Cinema film community that has grown over time and will hold ticket pricing at prior-year levels, especially in light of the economic conditions in our area.

    The sudden prohibition of popcorn at the Redmoor was another factor in changing the event location. We believe that popcorn is to movies what hotdogs and peanuts are to baseball - a traditional part of the experience.

    Sometimes unexpected changes produce positive results and we think this year's Oscar Shorts & More will be one of our best presentations!

  • More Screenings — we've added an additional Sunday, featuring Program A and Program B — giving patrons more combo package options and increased scheduling flexibility.

  • Screen size, seating and sight lines. The Madison is roomier, with a proscenium stage and movie screen in scale with the house. You will definitely appreciate the increased screen size – 75% larger than what we were able to fit into the previous venue.

    At The Madison, all chairs can face the screen – no banquette seats facing sideways. You'll also appreciate the absence of those "always on" ceiling spotlights that detracted from cinema ambiance.

  • Parking is a breeze – there are more than 700 parking spaces within a one-block radius of The Madison. Surface lots and meter spaces are free after 6pm weekdays and 3pm Sundays.

  • Expanded menu, two bars. The Back Stage Cafe is next door (no kitchen noise in the theater) and will offer its full menu of appetizers and sandwich platters. Place your order at the special counter and your food will be delivered within a few minutes. The Madison has two bars (and plenty of bartenders), behind the main seating area.

  • Program Schedule

    Save 20% with Combo Tix – single tix $10, combo packages $16.

    2011 Screening Schedule

  • You can see both programs on one day, or on different days — whatever is best for your schedule.
  • Click here for online tickets
  • Create your own combo package — pick the "A" and "B" dates you prefer and order online.
  • Program "A"
    Sunday March 13, 4:30
    Tuesday, March 15, 7:30
    Sunday March 20, 4:30
    Program "B"
    Sunday March 13, 7:30
    Wednesday, March 16, 7:30
    Sunday March 20, 7:30

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    Program lineup, synopsis, filmmaker & award info is listed below

    UPDATE: With the winners announced Feb 27, program content has been adjusted so that there is one Oscar Winner in each.

    Program A ~ Film Descriptions
    Total Run Time approximately 94 minutes.

    But first, a word from our sponsors...

    Directors: Various, 5 minutes, international.

    A brief compilation of hilarious commercials from around the world.

    Oscar Nominee    Animation

    Director Teddy Newton, USA, 2010, 6 minutes.
    making-of video     interview

    When Day, a sunny fellow, encounters Night, a stranger of distinctly darker moods, sparks fly! Day and Night are frightened and suspicious of each other at first. But as they discover each other's unique qualities - and come to realize that each offers a different window onto the same world - a friendship blooms.

    Day & Night is a great reincarnation of 2D animation that includes 3D in a very unique way. The two characters, "Day" and "Night," are two-dimensional forms. The interaction between these two characters takes place via 3d illustrations within each of their outlines.

    MORE... read more

    Teddy Newton is a Cal Arts guy, very well respected, considered one of the most influential visual development artists in the field of animation. He came to Pixar in July of 2000 to work on its sixth feature film, The Incredibles and has since contributed his considerable character design skills to many of Disney-Pixar's award-winning feature and short films, including Ratatouille, Your Friend the Rat and Presto.

    For his Disney-Pixar directorial debut, Newton teamed with producer Kevin Reher on Day & Night, released with Toy Story 3 in June, 2010. Prior to coming to Pixar, Newton worked in the story department and in character design at Warner Bros. on Iron Giant. He also served as writer/producer for the independent feature film The Trouble with Lou. Newton is inspired by the drawings of Al Hirschfeld and early Warner Bros animation. He grew up in Dana Point, California, and attended California Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts).

    Composer Michael Giacchino provides the score. The Academy Award-winning composer has been working with Pixar for some time, creating scores for The Incredibles, Ratatoille, Up, and short films Lifted and Partly Cloudy.
    AWARDS  read more

    Nominated: Oscar, Best Animated Short Film, US Academy Awards
    Nominated: Best Animated Short Subject, 38th Annie Awards
    Nominated: Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Short, 9th Annual Visual Effects Society Awards FESTIVALS

    Note: Pixar-Disney does not submit their short films to festivals.

    Oscar Nominee    Live-Action

    Director Michael Creagh, Ireland, 2009, 15 minutes.
    Cast: Charlie Bonner, Neili Conroy, Oran Creagh, Rory Keenan, Olga Wehrly

    Ardal Travis is in love. There's just one problem. He's a young schoolboy and the object of his affection is his teacher, Miss Purdy. One day he gives her a toy ring to show his affection. Heartbreak awaits when he learns that Miss Purdy and her boyfriend just bought a very real engagement ring. Devastated, Ardal hatches a plan to get her back.

    Michael Creagh's career trajectory made him an unlikely candidate for an Oscar...

    MORE... read more
    Michael Creagh received a degree in design at Belfast College before moving to Dublin to follow a career in commercial advertising. After 12 years as an art director, he was a victim of downsizing and lost his job.

    Undaunted, the 37-year-old father of three pursued a career in film and financed The Crush with his savings along with help from his father and a bank loan. His debut writing and directing effort, the film was shot during Easter 2009 in Skerries, north Dublin, where he lives with his wife and children.

    It is truly a family affair, starring his son Oran as the lead character Ardal Travis, while his brother Jim, a BBC cinematographer, shot the film. Turned down by Sundance, The Crush was a prize-winner at Tribecca; and Michael was pleasantly surprised by his Oscar nomination.
    AWARDS & FESTIVALS  read more
    Special Jury Prize, Tribeca Film Festival 2010
    Best Irish Short, Foyle Film Festival
    Premiere screening, Kerry Film Festival

    Bonus Film - Oscar Shortlist    Animation   

    Director Moritz Mayerhofer, Germany, 2009, 10 minutes.
       official website

    For many years Urs has looked after his aging mother. Now he embarks on a dangerous journey to find a new home for them both. But his mother does not want to leave the homestead... A story of personal responsibility and the weight of deciding what is best for someone else.

    Born in 1981, Moritz Mayerhofer studied animation at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg from 2003 to 2009. His faculty advisor, David Maas, writes about Moritz and shares some 'making of' clips, AWN.

    MORE... read more
    Born in 1981, Moritz Mayerhofer studied Animation at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg from 2003 to 2009. He was a Jury member of the Zlin Film Festival (Czech Republic) and the Roshd Int'l Filmfestival (Iran), and invited as a speaker at FMX 2006 & 2009 and Computerspace Forum 2007. He participated an exchange program at le Gobelins, Paris, and attended several international congresses on filmmaking, design and European Co-production.

    After his graduation with "URS", he is now working on the German-Croatian-Bulgarian animated documentary Father and preparing for an animated feature based on the childrens book At the Ark at eight produced by Now Films and Filmautoren AG.
    AWARDS  read more

    Bruce Corwin Award for Best Animation Short — St.Barbara International Film Festival, USA
    2nd Place - Best Student Animated Short — Palm Springs Shortfest 2010, USA
    Nominated for Outstanding VFX — 8th VES Awards, USA
    Best of Next, Judges Award — Melbourne International Animation Festival
    Honorary Mention — Prix Ars Electronica, Austria
    Certificate of Exceptional Value — Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden, Germany
    Special Award — Tokyo Animation Awards, Japan
    Murnau Kurzfilmpreis — Friedrich-Wilhelm Murnau Stiftung, Germany
    Best Academic Work — FEST, Portugal
    Signor Rossi Award — Cartoon Club Festival, Italy
    Best Animation — Muuuvi, Romania
    Best Direction — Aniwow!, China
    Best Original Soundtrack — Cinanima, Portugal
    Best Computer Animation Award — Animation Block Party, USA
    Best 3D Film — Animayo, Spain
    First Prize — FIFE Maroc, Marocco
    Best Animation — Africa International Film Festival, Nigeria
    Best animation Award — Fancine Festival de Cine Fantastico, Spain
    German Award — Shnit Intl Short Film Festival, Switzerland
    Best Short Film — Shortsoup, Australia
    Special Jury Award — FilmLabFestival, Italy
    Silver Statue — Roshd Filmfest, Iran
    Best Environment Design — View Conference, Italy
    Special Mention Jury Award — Film Festival della Lessinia, Italy
    Honorable Mention — Shire International Short Film Festival, Australia
    Special Jury Mention — CG Tantra Community Awards, India
    Special Mention — Larissa Filmfestival of New Directors, Greece
    Special Mention — Euganea Movie Movement, Italy
    Honorary Mention — up-and-coming Int. Film Festival, Germany
    Mention by the Youth Jury — Auburn International Film Festival
    Jury Recommended Work — Japan Media Arts Festival, Japan
    3rd Preis — Kurzfilmtage Thalmassing, Germany
    Caligari Promotional Award — Forderverein Filmakademie B-W, Germany
    Nominated Best Young Production — Animago Award, Germany
    Nominated Best Short Animation — Mundos Digitales, Spain
    Nominated Best Character Animation — Aniwow!, China
    Nominated Best Art Design — Aniwow!, China

    On the Oscar nomination short list, URS was selected by more than 130 festivals worldwide, including:

    Amarcort Film Festival, Italy   Anamic Festival, Prague   Anibar Intl Animation Festival, Kosovo   Anima 2010, Brussels   Anima Mundi, Brazil   Animafest Zagreb   Aniwow Intl Animation, China   Athens Intl Short Film Festival   Beijing Film Academy Festival, China   Belgrade Student Film Festival     Bradford Animation Festival, UK   Cinanima, Esphino, Portugal   Cinema Jove, Valencia   CinemadaMare, Rome   Das Heimatfestival, Potsdam   Dawnbreakers Intl Film Festival, San Diego   Encounter Short Film Festival, Bristol UK   Festival Intl du court metrage, France   FICMEC Intl Short Film Festival, Beirut   Film Festival Muenster, Germany   Foyle Intl Film Festival, Ireland   FreshFilmFest, Czech Republic   Hiroshima International Animation Festival   Holland Animation Festival, Utrecht   Giffoni Filmfestival   Jerusalem Intl Film Festival   Kiskakas Animation Festival, Hungary   Krok Intl Animation Festival, Moscow   Leeds Intl Film Festival, UK   Leipzig Intl Film Festival   Lille European Film Festival, France   Lisbon Animated Film Festival, Portugal   London Intl Animation Festival, UK   Lone Star Film Festival, Ft. Worth   Los Angeles Shorts Fest, California   Maui Film Festival   Mecal Intl Short Film Festival, Barcelona   Melborne Intl Film Festival, Australia   Milano Film Festival, Italy   Mundos Digitales, Spain   Odense FilmFest, Denmark   Ourense Intl Film Festival, Spain   Palm Springs Shortfest   Portland Intl Film Festival   Psarokokalo Film Festival   Pune Intl Film Festival, India   ReAnimania, Armenia   Santa Barbara IFF   Sarasota Film Festival, Florida   Short Film Festival of Lyon-Villeurbanne, France   Shorts by Moonlight Festival, Mainz   Siggraph Asia, Yokohama   Teheran Animation Festival   Theatron Festival, Munich   Vilnius Film Shorts, Latvia

    Oscar Nominee    Live-Action

    Director Ivan Goldschmidt, Belgium, 2010, 19 minutes.
       official website

    1994: There is civil war in Burundi, a small country of Central Africa directly bordering Rwanda, scene of civil war and ethnic cleansing. The film relates a sadly frequent episode of this fratricidal conflict: the attack by rebels on a minivan carrying ordinary citizens. A Kalashnikov bursts out. The bus stops, the passengers get off. An order is barked: "Hutus to the left, Tutsis to the right!" The sorting out begins. But who is a Hutu, who is a Tutsi?

    Based entirely on real people and situations, NA WEWE was written by a person who has lived in the beauty of Burundi and suffered the horrors of genocide -- he was shot by a military patrol, rendered blind and wrote the screenplay to share the images in his head. With emotion, suspense, irony and humor it exposes the absurdity of racism and ethnic strife. "NA WEWE" (pronounced "Na wayway") means "You too" in Kirundi.

    MORE... read more

    A film director of fiction and advertising, a theatre stage director, more recently a sculptor and a painter, Ivan Goldschmidt cultivates diversity.

    He graduated from INSAS (Brussels) in 1984 and placed his talents at the service of actors. After being one of the first coaches of the Belgian League of Improvisation, he directed the short Ketchup with Manu Coeman. The film was acclaimed at international festivals, winning numerous prizes.

    For Canal + France he wrote and directed a widely noted series Francois the Bachelor and his Terrific Friends. His numerous advertising films based on comedy techniques were also crowned with multiple awards.

    In 2001 he turned to the theatre with three plays and received the Kiosque Prize for best stage direction. His universe is often once-removed, sometimes tender, sometimes corrosive, and always carries a human touch... Man is at the core of his films.

    Now, with NA WEWE, Goldschmidt addresses the dark side of human nature. With his sense of irony, he approaches the dramatic themes of war and self-identity.

          AWARDS & FESTIVALS  read more

    Grand Prix of the Short Film, Tubingen Festival (Germany);
    Audience Award, Brussels Festival (Belgium);
    The Authors' Prize, Brussels Independent Film Festival (Belgium);
    2nd Prize, Berlin Interfilm Festival (Germany);
    Press Prize, The Media Festiva, Namur (Belgium);
    B-TV Prize, The Media Festival, Namur (Belgium);
    Cine-courts Prize, Le Court en Dit Long Festival, Paris (France);
    THESS International Short Film Festival, ranked in the best 10 of the shorts of the year, Thessalonica (Greece).

    Festival de Clermont Ferrand;
    Festival du Film Court Francophone;;
    The Flickerfest International Short Film Festival;
    Jerusalem International Film Festival;
    Festival international en Abitibi;
    Student Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers;
    Off-Courts Festival;
    Namur Festival;
    Kenya International Film Festival;
    Paris Court Devant;;
    Festival international du cinema francophone en Acadie;
    Festival international de cinema et d'art de Perce.

    OSCAR WINNER    Animation

    Director Andrew Ruhemann & Shaun Tan, Australia/UK, 2010, 15 minutes.

    A boy discovers a bizarre looking creature while out collecting bottle tops at the beach. Realizing it is lost, he tries to find out who owns it or where it belongs, but is met with indifference from everyone else, who barely notice its presence, each unwilling to entertain this uninvited interruption to their day to day lives. For reasons he does not explain, the boy empathises with the creature, and sets out to find a 'place' for it.

    MORE... read more

    Andrew Ruhemann is the owner and executive producer of Passion Pictures, which he established in 1987 as a production company supplying animation and special effects. Previously he worked as a producer at the Richard Williams Studio, makers of the award winning animation for the feature film Who Framed Roger Rabbit? The Lost Thing is Andrew's directorial debut. The animated film which he has co-directed with Shaun Tan (who wrote and illustrated the book upon which the film is based) was produced by Passion Pictures Australia in association with Screen Australia.

    Passion Pictures is active in commercials and music video production, including the animated band Gorillaz. Recent credits include animated sequences for the launch of The Beatles: Rock Band game and Compare the Market featuring Alexsandr the Russian meerkat. Passion Pictures also has a film and television division specializing in documentary -- their first feature documentary One Day In September won an Academy Award in 2000.

    Shaun Tan was born in 1974 and grew up in the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia where he graduated from the University of WA in 1995 with joint honours in Fine Arts and English Literature. He currently works full time as a freelance artist and author in Melbourne. Shaun began drawing and painting images for science fiction and horror stories in magazines as a teenager, and has since become best known for illustrated books that deal with social, political and historical subjects through surreal, dream-like imagery.

    His books such as The Rabbits, The Red Tree and The Lost Thing and the wordless novel The Arrival have been widely translated throughout Europe, Asia and South America, and enjoyed by readers of all ages. Shaun also works as a theatre designer and concept artist for the films Horton Hears a Who and Pixar's WALL-E. He is currently directing a short film with Passion Pictures Australia; his most recently published book is Tales from Outer Suburbia.

          AWARDS  read more


    Annecy Int. Animation Festival (France, June 2010): The Annecy Crystal (Best Short Film)
    Sydney Film Festival (Australia, June 2010): Yoram Gross Animation Award
    Palm Springs Int. Festival of Short Films (USA, June 2010): Second Place for Best Animated Short
    Melbourne Int. Film Festival (Australia, July/Aug. 2010): Grand Prix for Best Short
    Anima Mundi (Brazil, July 2010): Best Soundtrack
    Australian Effects and Animation Festival (Australia, August 2010): Best Short Film
    Qantm Desktop CREATE:Awards (Australia, September 2010): Best Animation & Best Creative
    Wiesbaden Int. Weekend of Animation (Germany, October 2010): Audience Award for Best International Animation
    Austin Film Festival (USA, October 2010): Best Animated Short
    Anaheim Int. Film Festival (USA, October 2010): Best Animation Short Honors
    Images en Vues (Canada, October 2010): Winner Best Film by the Public
    Chicago Int. Children's Film Festival (USA, October 2010): Adult Jury Prize for Best Animated Short, and The Kenneth and Harle Montgomery Prize - Best Film by an Emerging Director
    Australian Screen Sound Guild Award (Australia, October 2010): "Best Achievement in Sound for an Animated Film"
    Australian Screen Music Awards (Australia, November 2010): Best Music in a Short Film
    Animacor Int. Animation Festival of Cordoba (Spain, November 2010): Best Short Film, and the Special Award of Children to the Best Short Film
    Animpact Animation Festival (South Korea, December 2010): Audience Award
    Australian Film Institute (Australia, December 2010): Best Short Animation
    CINANIMA Esphino Animation Festival (Portugal, November 2010): PRIZE RTP2: ONDA CURTA
    Flickerfest (Australia, January 2011): Best Australian Short Film

          FESTIVALS  read more


    London Children's Film Festival (UK, October 2010)    Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (South Korea, July 2010)    Siggraph Computer Animation Festival (USA, July 2010)    New Zealand International Film Festival (New Zealand, July 2010)    LA Short Film Festival (USA, July 2010)    Prends Ca Court (Canada, June 2010)    Hiroshima Int. Animation Fesitval (Japan, August 2010)    Anima Mundi On the Road (Brazil, Aug./Sept. 2010)    Fest de Bande Dessinee de Lausanne (Switzerland, September 2010)    LUCAS Childrens Film Festival (Germany, September 2010)    Galicja Film Festival for Children (Poland, September 2010)    International Youth Library (Germany, September 2010)    Int. Animation Film Festival Krok (Russia, September 2010)    Sydney International Animation Festival (Australia, September 2010)    Sitges International Film Festival (Spain, October 2010)    Film Columbia (USA, October 2010)    12th Annual Animation Show of Shows (USA, October 2010)    La Roche Sur Yon's Int. Film Festival (France, October 2010)    Darklight Festival (Ireland, October 2010)    BFI London Film Festival (UK, October 2010)    Ottawa Int. Animation Festival (Canada, October 2010)    Animatricks Animation Festival (Finland, October 2010)    ArtFutura (Argentina, November 2010)    Encounters Int. Film Festival (UK, November 2010)    Filem'on - Brussells Children's Film Festival (Belgium, November 2010)    San Francisco Int. Animation Festival (USA, November 2010)    Inside Film Awards (Australia, November 2010): Best Short Animation    CutOut Fest Int. Animation Film Festival 2010 (Mexico, November 2010)    Cinambule (France, November 2010)    Stockholm Int. Film Festival (Sweden, November 2010)    Big Cartoon Festival (Russia, November 2010)    Anilogue International Animation Festival: World Panorama (Hungary & Austria, Nov./Dec. 2010)    Les Sommets du Cinema d'animation de Montreal (Canada, Nov./Dec. 2010)    Taipei Golden Horse (Taiwan, Nov./Dec. 2010)    Animation Now! Festival (Poland, December 2010)    Istanbul Animation Festival (Turkey, December 2010)    Short Film Festival Leuven (Belgium, December 2010)    St. Anne's Short Film Festival (USA, December 2010)    Singapore Film Society Animation Festival (Republic of Singapore, December 2010)    Siggraph Asia Computer Animation Festival (South Korea, December 2010)    Goteborg International Film Festival (Sweden, January 2011)    Santa Barbara Int. Film Festival (USA, January 2011)    New Animation Showcase at Chicago Filmmakers (USA, January 2011)    Imagina Awards (Monaco, February 2011)    Japan Media Arts Festival (Japan, February 2011)    BAMKids International Film Festival (USA, February 2011)    Animex Int. Festival of Animation and Computer Games (UK, February 2011)    Portland International Film Festival (USA, February 2011)    Reel Fun Film Festival (Canada, February 2011)    Electronics Alive VI Exhibition (USA, February 2011)    Athens Animfest (Greece, March 2011)    Anima - Brussels Animation Film Festival (Belgium, March 2011)    Durango Independent Film Festival (USA, March 2011)    Monstra - Lisboa Animated Film Festival (Portugal, March 2011)    New York Int. Children's Film Festival (USA, March 2011)    Sprockets Toronto Int. Film Festival for Children (Canada, April 2011)    RiverRun Int. Film Festival (USA, April 2011)    Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival (USA, April 2011)    Singapore International Children's Film Festival (Republic of Singapore, June 2011)    Jerusalem International Film Festival (Israel, July 2011)    Hamptons Intl. Film Festival (USA, August 2011)   

    WISH 143
    Oscar Nominee    Live-Action

    Director Ian Barnes, UK, 2010, 24 minutes.
    Cast: Jim Carter, Rory Kinnear, Sam Holland, Jodie Whittaker, Dean Andrews

    A fifteen-year-old boy with only months to live is granted one wish from the Dreamscape Charity. But David doesn't want to go to Disneyland — what he really wants is an hour alone with a naked woman.

    Featuring performances by Rory Kinnear (Hamlet) and Jim Carter (Carson in Downton Abbey).

    MORE... read more
    Ian Barnes started life as a journalist and gradually moved into directing drama via radio and television. WISH 143 is his second short film, following Swing – a quirky, dark comedy about a woman who takes revenge on her husband for cheating on her at the golf course each week.

    In between making shorts Ian directs comedy and drama for the BBC, ITV and Channel4. Current projects include Hope Springs starring Alex Kingston, Wild At Heart starring Stephen Tompkinson and The Afternoon Plays. Previous directorial efforts include True Heroes and Alive for Discovery USA; The Real Deal, Reverse Psychology, and Grease Monkeys for the BBC, and Speeding for Channel 4.

    In 2009 and 2010 Ian was part of the team twice nominated for a BAFTA for the medical drama Casualty. He is currently working on a feature script Flying High.
    AWARDS  read more

    Nominated: Oscar, Best Short Live-Action Film, 83rd Academy Awards
    Audience Award at the 2010 Palm Springs FilmFest
    Long Form Award at the 2010 Rushes Film Festival
    Encounters Short Film Festival
    Foyle International Film Festival
    New York United Film Festival
    The British Independent Film Festival

    Presentation sequence and bonus films are subject to change.


    Program B ~ Film Descriptions
    Total Run Time approximately 106 minutes.

    But first, a word from our sponsors...

    Directors: Various, 5 minutes, international.

    A brief compilation of hilarious commercials from around the world.

    Oscar Nominee    Animation

    Directors Jakob Schuh & Max Lang, UK/Germany, 2010, 27 minutes     making-of video     production details
    Cast: Helena Bonham Carter, Tom Wilkinson, John Hurt, Robbie Coltrane, Rob Brydon, James Corden.

    The magical tale of a mouse who takes a walk through the woods in search of a nut. Encountering three predators who all wish to eat him - a fox, an owl and a snake - the plucky mouse has to use his wits to survive, creating an imaginary monster who then turns out to be all too real.

    Jakob Schuh and Max Lang studied animation at the Film Academy Baden-Wurttemberg...

    MORE... read more      
    Born in Munich in 1976, Jakob Schuh studied in the department of dramaturgy at the LMU in Munich. Next, from 1996 to 2003, Jakob was a student in the department of direction/animation at the Film Academy Baden-Wurttemberg. At the same time he studied illustration as a fellowship-holder at the Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg, and attended the master's class of painting and experimental animation at the College of Applied Arts in Vienna.

    Jakob has been involved in various animation film productions for 15 years; has worked as a caricaturist and illustrator for the Suddeutsche Zeitung; and has been a partner in Studio Soi GmbH since 2003.

    Max Lang studied animation at the prestigious Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in Germany. While there he worked on numerous productions as director, character designer, animator and storyboard artist. He was co-director of the animated trailer which launched the 2008 Cartoon Forum held in Ludwigsburg, Germany and has worked on several productions with Studio Soi. The Gruffalo is his first commercial film as director.
          AWARDS  read more
    Oscar Nominee, Best Animated Short Film - Academy Awards, USA
    Award for Best TV Special - Annecy international Animation Festival (France)
    Best Short Film for Children - Anima Mundi (Brazil)
    CIFEJ Award - Biennial of Animation (Bratislava)
    Best Book Based Animated Product - Cartoons on the Bay (Italy)
    Best European Programme of the Year - Cartoons on the Bay (Italy)
    Best of Fest Award - Chicago International Children's Film Festival (USA)
    Adult Jury Prize - Animated Short - Chicago International Children's Film Festival (USA)
    Curtinhas Award - Curtas Vila do Conde (Portugal)
    Best Television Animation for Children - Ottawa International Animation Festival (Canada)
    Winner 7-11 Fiction - Prix Jeunesse International (Germany)
    Jury Prize - Prix Jeunesse International (Germany)
    Tricks for Kids Award - Internationales Trick Film Festival (Germany)
    Nomination for Best Animated Short - BAFTA Film Awards (UK)
    Grand Prize - Rhode Island International Film Festival (USA)
    Jury Special Mention, Best Short Film - ReAnimania International Film Festival (Armenia)
    Silver Award, Best Children's Film - Sapporo Short Fest (Japan)

          FESTIVALS  read more
    Anahiem International Film Festival (USA)     Animateka (Slovenia)     Annecy international Animation Festival (France)     Anima Mundi (Brazil)   Animadrid (Spain)     Atlantic Film Festival (USA)     Austin Film Festival (USA)     BAB - Biennial of Animation (Bratislava)     BAMKids International Film Festival (USA)     BANFF World Television Festival (Canada)     Bradford Animation Festival (UK)     Cartoons on the Bay (Italy)     Chicago International Children's Film Festival (USA)     Curtas Vila do Conde (Portugal)     Discovery Film Festival (Scotland)     eDit Filmmakers Festival (Germany)     Expotoons (Argentina)     Film Festival della Lessinia (Italy)     Flickerfest (Australia)     Glasgow Youth Film Festival (Scotland)     Hiroshima International Animation Festival (Japan)     Internationales Trick Film Festival (Germany)     Japan Prize 2010 (Japan)     Kuki International Short Film Festival for Children & Youth (Germany)     Los Angeles International Short Film (USA)     Ottawa International Animation Festival (Canada)     Palm Springs international Short Fest (USA)     Prix Jeunesse International (Germany)     ReAnimania Yerevan International Animation Film Festival (Armenia)     Rhode Island International Film Festival (USA)     Rode Hond Festival (Belgium)     Rose d'Or (Switzerland)     Santa Barbara International Film Festival (USA)     Sapporo Short Fest (Japan)     SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival 2010 (USA)     SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 (South Korea)   St Louis International Film Festival (USA)

    Oscar Nominee    Live-Action

    Director Tanel Toom, Estonia/UK, 2010, 26 minutes.

    Aran Bell, Joe Eales, Lewis Howlett, James Simmons

    Quiet and sincere, 9-year-old Sam is worried about making his first confession at church. As his conscience is clear, he therefore cannot hope for any relief from the experience as he has nothing to confess. He and his friend Jacob decide to remedy that situation, but their innocent prank turns unexpectedly tragic. "A well-crafted foray into the thought processes of two young boys whose worldviews have been shaped by religious indoctrination that they are simply too young to comprehend."

    Tanel Toom was born in Tallinn, Estonia in 1982. He studied filmmaking at Tallinn University, where he received his BA in 2005...

    MORE... read more

    Tanel Toom was born in Tallinn, Estonia in 1982. He studied filmmaking at the Tallinn University, where he received his BA in 2005. After that, he worked as a commercial director and in 2008 completed his fourth short film The Second Coming, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival. The apocalyptical war drama has since been screened at numerous film festivals and won several awards, including the Best European Short at the Archipelago International Film Festival. The same year, he decided to continue his studies at the National Film and TV School in England. He graduated from the NFTS with an MA in 2010 and shortly after that his thesis film The Confession won the Student Academy Award in the foreign film category.

    At the moment, Tanel is working in both the Estonia and the UK developing his feature projects. He has a passion for darker stories that speak to the hearts as well as the mind. He strives to make an impact on the audience - whether with fear, laughter or bittersweet pain.

          AWARDS & FESTIVALS  read more

    Nominated, 2011 Academy Award Nominee - Best Live Action Short;
    Winner, Student Academy Awards, Honorary Foreign Film, 2010;
    Winner, Student Jury's Prize, Les Rencontres Henri Langlois, France.


    2010 San Sebastian Film Festival, Spain
    2010 Fresh Film Fest, Czech Republic
    2010 Munich Film Festival of Film Schools, Germany

    Oscar Nominee    Animation

    Director Geefwee Boedoe, USA, 2010, 6 minutes.

    In the spirit of 50's & 60's educational films, Let's Pollute is a modern satire on how pollution is our heritage and keeps our economy strong and growing, while instructing us how to be better polluters for a better blighted tomorrow.

    MORE... read more      


    Upon graduation from CalArts in 1988 Geefwee Boedoe has worked as an animator and in story and visual development for Pixar, Disney Feature Animation, ILM, DreamWorks, and others. The opening title sequence for Monsters, Inc. was conceived, storyboarded, and designed by Mr. Boedoe, who also directed the animation.

    Since 2002 Geefwee Boedoe has pursued an independent career as a film maker, designer and writer/illustrator of children's books. In 2004 his first children's book, "Arrowville," won a Ruben Award from the National Cartoonists Society and was voted a 10 best Illustrated Children's Book by the New York Times. In 2006 he began work on his first independent film. Over three years in the making, "Let's Pollute" was completed late in 2009, and has received positive attention and momentum in film festival worldwide.

    Geefwee Boedoe lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, with his wife and daughter.

          AWARDS  read more

    Orlando Film Festival -- 2009 -- Best Animated Film
    Big Muddy Film Festival -- 2010 -- Best Animated Film
    Santa Fe Film Festival -- 2009
    Annecy Animation Festival -- 2010 -- Short films in competition
    USA Film Festival -- 2010 -- Finalist
    Green Film Festival in Seoul -- 2010
    LA Shorts Fest -- 2010
    Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival -- 2010
    AnimaTricks Animation Festival -- 2010
    Competition at L'etrange Festival -- 2010
    Cinema Le Concorde -- 2010
    Temecula Valley International Film Festival -- 2010
    Nuit du Court Metrage de Lausanne -- 2010
    Anaheim International Film Festival -- 2010

    Bonus Film    Live-Action

    Director Jen McGowan, USA, 13 minutes.

        official website

    "Sometimes, the most important connection in your life happens with a total stranger." A poignant, inspiring and beautifully crafted reminder that life is worth living. One of the ten Lunafest winners, voted Audience Favorite.

    Director Jen McGowan received her BFA from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts where she trained as an actor at the Atlantic Theater Company studying with David Mamet, William H. Macy & Sam Shepard.

    MORE... read more

    Born in Washington DC and raised in Fairfax Virginia, director Jen McGowan received her BFA from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts where she trained as an actor at the Atlantic Theater Company studying with David Mamet, William H. Macy & Sam Shepard.

    After graduating, Jen made the move from acting to writing & directing with her award-winning short film SHE NEVER. She worked her way up the production ladder with some of New York's top companies and was fortunate to work on many independent feature films including the Oscar winning BOYS DON'T CRY.

    In 2002 Jen gained a place to study directing in the MFA program at the University of Southern California, where her thesis film, CONFESSIONS OF A LATE BLOOMER, was selected by the Tribeca Film Festival and the Cannes Short Film Corner and went on to 60 festivals worldwide. Jen was honored with a grant from The Caucus Foundation for her work on LATE BLOOMER as well as a scholarship from Women in Film recognizing outstanding young female filmmakers.

    In 2009 she co-wrote and directed the award-winning commercial Couch Therapy for client Viesso. Her latest directing project, TOUCH, marks her fifth collaboration with husband Philip Lott.

    Jen is a contributing writer to the website Film Industry Bloggers and an Executive Board Member of the Caucus Foundation Alumni Network. She is in pre-production on the short BE STILL MY BEATING HEART and is attached to direct the independent feature film KELLY AND CAL.
    AWARDS  read more

    Grand Jury Award Best Short Film - Florida Film Festival
    Best of the Fest - Palm Springs ShortFest
    Best Short Film - San Diego Film Festival
    Best Drama Short - Breckenrigde Film Festival
    Best Short Film - NociCortin Festival
    Best Short Film - Big Bear Lake Film Festival
    Outstanding Short - Atlantic City International Film & Music Festival
    Best Short Film - box[ur] shorts Film Festival


    American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at Cannes       Asiana International Short Film Festival       Boulder International Film Festival       DC Shorts Festival       Durban International Film Festival       Heart of Gold Int'l Film Festival, Australia       Heartland Film Festival       International Film Festival of South Africa       LA Femme Film Festival       LunaFest       Method Fest       Newport Beach Int'l Film Festival       Oldenburg International Film Festival       Palm Beach Int'l Film Festival       Petaluma Film Festival       Red Rock Film Festival       Salento International Film Festival       Sedona International Film Festival       Spirit Film Festival, Tel Aviv       St. John's International Women's Film Festival       St. Louis International Film Festival       Starz Denver Film Festival       Temecula Valley International Film and Music Festival       Tiburon International Film Festival       Vancouver International Film Festival

    Oscar Nominee    Animation

    Director Bastien Dubois, France, 2010, 11 minutes.

    A visual travel journal demonstrating the importance of dance, death, and traditional customs present in Malagasy society. As the pages of a diary turn, colorful pencil sketches come to life, revealing the majestic rolling landscapes of Madagascar, and acquainting the audience with Famadihana customs and culture.

    Bastien Dubois was born in 1983. After graduating with a degree in Infography Direction from Supinfocom Valenciennes in France, he gained experience creating web sites and video game animation. As a travel lover, he discovered Madagascar and decided to direct an animated short film about the island.
    AWARDS  read more
    Anima Mundi, Brazil — Best Art Direction;
    Anima Mundi, Brazil — Directors' Award;
    Tofuzi, Republic of Georgia — Best Animation;
    Festival de courts metrages de la Cote Bleue, France — Deuxieme Prix
    Animania Serbia — Golden Peg Bar;
    Grand Prix du meilleur film de Commande, Ottawa International Animation Festival;
    Krok Animation Film Festival, Ukraine — Grand Prix;
    Mention speciale - Espinho, Portugal - CINANIMA,
    Mention speciale du jury - Festival Interantional du Film Insulaire - Ile de Groix,
    Ours d'or - Festival der Nationen Austria;
    Prix Canal, Annecy,
    Prix Canal+ au meilleur court-metrage - Festival Cinema Jove,
    Prix de la premiere oeuvre - Festival de l'Acharniere, Lille,
    Prix du court metrage a la Semaine de Cine de Medina del Campo,
    Prix du jury du meilleur court-metrage d'animation, Montreal Fantasia International Film Festival (Canada),
    Prix du meilleur film d'animation - LUTIN,
    Prix du meilleur son - La boca del Lobo,
    Prix du public - Les 8es Sommets du cinema d'animation de Montreal,
    Prix du public - Sommet de l'Animation de Montreal;
    Prix du Public de l'Office national du Film du Canada;
    Prix Hermes, Festival du film court Francophone de Vaulx-en-Velin (France)
    Prix RTP - Cinanima, Second Prix - Linoleum;
    Prize of The Erdely Television - ALTERNATIVE 18 International Short Film Festival;
    Second Prize - International Festival of Animation, Moscow;
    Special Distinction - SICAF (Coree du Sud);
    Grand Prize Ananima Cacak Festival, Serbia
          FESTIVALS  read more

    1 Reel Film Festival (USA)     24fps International short film festival (USA)     3D Wire Film Festival, Spain;     Alcine - Festival de cinema de Alcala de Henares, Spain;     Alternativa - Festival de cinema independant de Barcelona, Spain;     Alternative Cinema Festival, Romania;     Ambulante Film Festival, Italy;     Anifest ( Czech Republic)     Anifest India 2010, Mumbai (India)     Anilogue International Animation Festival (Hongrie)     Anim'est (Romania)     Animacor ( Cordoba, Espagne)     Animadrid (Spain)     Animanima 2010 - Programme especial Sacrebleu (Serbia)     Animated Dreams (Estonie)     ANIrmau (Spain)     Athens Animfest (Grece)     Badalona Film Festival - Filmets (Espagne)     Basauri-Bizkaia international animated film festival (Espagne)     Big Sur International Short Film Screening Series (USA)     Bolzano Short Film Festival (Italie)     Brisbane International Film Festival (Australie)     Calgary International Film Festival (Canada)     Capalbio Cinema ISFF (Italie)     Cartoon d'or     Cartoons on the Bay (Italie)     Children's film festival Seattle (USA)     CICDAF (Chine)     Cinema Digital Seoul Film Festival - a. k. a. CinDi - Section de l'Invitation (Coree du Sud)     CinemadaMare (Italie)     Cinematou (Switzerland)     Citruscel, Jacksonville, Florida (USA)     Concorto Film Festival (Italy)     Curtas Vila do Conde IFF (Portugal)     CyBorg Film Festival (Italie)     Dawn Breakers international Film Festival (USA)     EcoVision - International Festival of Environment & Cinema (Italy)     Encounters International Film Festival (UK)     Euganea Film Festival (Italy)     Fantoche (Switzerland)     Festival Anifest de Teplice (Tcheque)     Festival Cartoon Club Rimini (Italie)     Festival de Atibaia Internacional (Bresil)     Festival de Cine Africano de Tarifa (Espagne)     Festival de courts-metrages indpendants de Vienne (Autriche)     Festival der Nationen (Autriche)     Festival des films francais - Moscou (Russie)     Festival du Court Metrage de Bruxelles (Belgique)     Festival du Film d'Animation de Bruxelles (Belgique)     Festival du film de Gulf (Dubai)     Festival europeen du film court de Cologne (Allemagne)     Festival FIFFBA de Bratislava (Slovaquie)     Festival International Cinema Jove de Valence (Espagne)     Festival International de Cinema d'Animations de Meknes (Maroc)     Festival international de films europeens (Ankara, Turkey)     Festival International de Ouidah - Quintessence (Benin)     Festival international du court "Passaggi d'Autore: intrecci mediterranei 2010" (Italy)     Festival international du court-metrage de Tampere (Finland)     Festival international du court-metrage d'Istanbul (Turquie)     Festival International du Film d'Animation " Tindirindis " (Lituanie)     Festival International du film d'animation de Catalogne - ANIMAC (Espagne)     Festival international du film d'animation de Stuttgart (Allemagne)     Festival international du film d'animation d'Hiroshima (Japon)     Festival International du film de Levante (Italie)     Festival International du film de Portland (USA)     Festival International du film sur Internet (Bresil)     Festival of Nations (Autriche)     Festival Regard sur le court metrage au Saguenay (Canada)     Festvial international du film francophone de Namur (Belgique)     Folie o skop (Quebec)     Gand (Belgique)     Global Visions Film Festival - Edomonton (Canada)     Go Short - Festival International du Court-metrage de Nijmegen (Pays-Bas)     Holland Animation Film Festival (Netherlands)     I've seen films - International Film Festival (Italie)     Interfilm short film festival Berlin - Kuki (Germany)     International Animated Film Festival, Poznan (Pologne)     International Animation Short Marathon of Milano Film Festival (Italie)     International Ekofilm Festival (Czech Republic)     International Film Festival "Golden Diana" (Austria)     International Film Festival Zlin for Children and Youth (Tcheque)     International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film - DOK Leipzig (Allemagne)     International Weekend of Animation Wiesbaden (Allemagne)     International Filmfest Braunschweig (Allemagne)     Ismailia International Festival for Documentary & Short Films (Egypte)     Jerusalem International Film Festival, Israel;     KAN Film Festival (Pologne)     La boca del lobo (Espagne)     Les Perspectives du monde (Bresil)     Les sommets du cinema d'animation (Quebec, Montreal)     LIAF - London International Animation Festival (UK)     Magma - International short film festival (Italie)     Martha's Vineyard Film Festival (USA)     Mecal Festival International de Court-Metrage de Barcelone (Espagne)     Medina Del Campo Film Festival (Espagne)     Mediterranean Short Film Competition Turkey;     Melbourne International Film Festival (Australie)     MIAF - Melbourne International Animation Festival (Australie)     Milwaukee Film Festival (USA)     Monstra Lisbon Animated Film Competition (Portugal)     Mountainfilm a Telluride (USA)     New Orleans Film Festival (USA)     New York International children's film festival (USA)     Novara (Italie)     NY/SF Children's Film Festival (USA)     Palm Springs International Shortfest (USA)     Petaluma Film Festival (USA)     Prends ca court/ Montreal's world short film series - Best of Sundance (Canada)     ReAnimania (Yerevan)     Red Hot Short (Australie)     REDCAT international children's film festival ( Los Angeles)     RegioFun Film Festival (Poland)     Rencontres du film court de Madagascar     RiverRun International film festival (USA)     Rooftop Films, Brooklyn, NY (USA)     Saint-Louis International film festival (USA)     Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival (Bresil)     SICAF - Animated Film Festival (Coree du Sud)     SUNDANCE Film Festival     Tiburon International Film Festival (USA)     VGIK International student festival Moscow (Russie)     VIS - Festival Independant des courts metrages de Vienne (Autriche)     Vues d'Afrique - Festival PanAfrica (Canada)     World Film Festival of Bangkok (Thailande)    

    OSCAR WINNER    Live-Action

    Director Luke Mathey, USA, 2010, 18 minutes.

    Lounge singer and darts champion Raymond Goodfellow finds his prayers are answered — literally — when he receives a mysterious package of passion-inducing darts. The catch is that the one woman he loves – Kelly, a drummer in his band – is already in love with Ray's best friend Fozzie, the guitarist in the band. But when Ray uses the darts in a loony scheme to resolve this strange romantic triangle, he learns a surprising lesson about unrequited love and discovers his own place in the universe. Romance is in the air in this bohemian charmer.

    Born and raised in Delaware, Luke Matheny is a Brooklyn, N.Y.-based director, writer, actor and professor.

    MORE... read more


    Luke Matheny is a Brooklyn, N.Y.-based director, writer, actor and professor. God of Love was Matheny's thesis at NYU's graduate film program. He has also co-written a feature-length coming-of-age comedy, A Birder's Guide to Everything, with Sundance-award-winning director Rob Meyer. The project is currently in pre-production at Crossroads Films in New York.

    His previous short film Earano -- a loose, comic retelling of the Cyrano de Bergerac tale - won the King Award for Screenwriting at the NYU First Run Festival, an honorable mention for the Fujifilm Audience Impact Award at the Angelus Student Film Festival, and Best Student Short at the Dam Short Film Festival in Boulder City, Nevada.

    Matheny grew up in Wilmington, Delaware. He has a bachelor's degree from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism and has worked as a reporter and copy editor in a variety of newspapers, magazines and web sites. He has also worked as a synopsis writer for Netflix, a story editor for the MTV series MADE, and as a filmmaking teacher at the School of Cinema and Performing Arts (SOCAPA) in Brooklyn.

    He is currently writing a feature comedy script called Ron Quixote. He enjoys jazz, Scrabble and cleaning his desk.

          AWARDS & FESTIVALS  read more


    Winner, 2011 Academy Awards - Best Live Action Short
    Student Academy Awards, Gold Medal Winner;
    AspenShorts Fest, Special Jury Recognition;
    Woodstock Film Festival, Best Student Short;
    Heartland Film Festival, Crystal Heart Award;
    Independent Film Festival of Boston, Audience Award winner;
    NYU First Run Festival, First Prize, King Award for Screenwriting, Craft Awards for Cinematography, Art Direction, Producing, Sound Design;
    Angelus Student Film, Best Short;
    New Orleans Film Festival, Best Short Film;
    Williamstown Film Festival, Audience Award, Best Short;
    Indie Memphis, Audience Award, Best Short;
    Anaheim Film Festival, Best Live Action Short Film ;
    Topanga Short Film Festival, Best Director and Best Actor;
    Boston Independent Film Festival, Audience Award Best Short
    National Board of Review, Marion Carter Green Award;
    Maui Film Festival, Audience Award Best Short Film;
    Palm Springs ShortsFest, Runner Up, Best Short.

    Presentation sequence and bonus films are subject to change.
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