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TWO SCREENINGS ADDED – Sunday April 7, 2013, Sharonville Fine Arts Center
Program A, 4:00 pm and Program B, 7:00 pm Limited seating — DETAILS HERE
Essential Event Info

W H A T :
  • Two programs ("A" and "B"), each with running times of approximately 94 minutes. Mostly in English, with a few subtitled films.
  • Genre: Short Live-Action & Animation; comedy and drama.
  • NR (not rated) but generally suitable for all audiences.

    W H E N :
    2013 Screening Dates:
  • Sat, Mar 23, Program A, 4 pm
  • Sat, Mar 23, Program B, 7 pm
  • Sun, Mar 24, Program B, 4 pm
  • Sun, Mar 24, Program A, 7 pm

  • Venue opens at 3:00 and 6:00 pm, with seating at 3:30 and 6:30 for the respective screenings.

    W H E R E :
  • The Carnegie
    1028 Scott Blvd, Covington KY 41011   859 957 1943 box office.

    in surface lots surrounding the theatre:
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  • T I C K E T S : *
  • Single Tix $11 for Programs A or B
  • Save $4 – Combo Tix $18 for both Programs A and B
  • Combo Packages will not be sold at the door - there are a limited number available.
  • Single Tix are $13 at the door.

    *   NOTE: Any ticket physically sold by the Carnegie Arts Center incurs a $1.00 facility charge in addition to the face value of the ticket -- this applies to tix purchased in advance by phone or in person, and at the door.

    $18 Combo & $11 Single Tix:
  •   Tickets ON-LINE
  •   By phone at CWC, 859 957 3456. Open 9-7, Monday-Saturday.
  •   The Carnegie box office, in person and by phone at 859 957 1943. Open 12-5, Tue-Fri.

    $11 Single Tix only:
  •   Sitwell's Coffee House
    513 281 7487 — Ludlow Ave, Clifton
  •   Lookout Joe Coffee Roasters
    513 871 8626 — Mt. Lookout Square
  •   Coffee Emporium
    513 651 5483 — Downtown Cincinnati

    Tickets will be available at the box office, if not sold out in advance.

    Socialize, eat and drink
    between the Films
    Enjoy your favorite beverage from the Carnegie Bar & dinner by the plate from Europa Bistro & Café


    Program lineup, synopsis, filmmaker
    & award info is listed below

    Exclusive Tri-State engagement – 4 screenings only !!
    CWC's 12th Annual Oscar Shorts
    CWC presents its 12th Annual Screening
    of the Academy Award Nominated
    Live-Action & Animated Short Films

    with outstanding films from Afghanistan, Belgium,
    Canada, France, Ireland, South Africa and the USA.
    ...plus food and beverage between the programs!

    Take advantage of the only opportunity to see Academy Award-winning and nominated short films on the big screen, at one time, in one place, in High-Definition digital. Oscar Shorts sold out in advance last year – to avoid disappointment, please consider purchasing at your earliest convenience.


    Eclectic and Entertaining

    The 2013 short films deserve to be seen on the big screen, especially the animations, full of dazzling colors and inspiring visual ingenuity; while the live-action films offer dramatic glimpses into rarely seen worlds. Communal viewing offers another worthy advantage: Laugh-out-loud comedy and moving pathos provide a shared experience you won't get at home, or on your smart phone.

    The live-action shorts are better than recent years. Common among this year's nominees is a serious approach that offers character studies from around the world; ranging from realistic to fantastic, from whimsy to brutally realistic Third World drama. As a group they are not long on humor, but they effectively and compassionately illuminate the state of our world, our frailties and foibles, and our capacity to survive the challenges that life throws our way.

    Each of the animated nominees is a purely visual tale, a gorgeous course in a cinematic smorgasbord. With the hub-bub over last year's Best Picture, The Artist, being a "rare" silent film, you might forget this is often the case with animated shorts – among this year's nominees there is barely a snatch of dialogue. And, they are important for reminding us what creative artistry can accomplish without CGI (computer graphic imagery) – a welcome return of old-school animation with hand-drawn and stop-motion animation, Claymation, watercolor backgrounds, puppetry, and monochromatic 2-D every bit as expressive as 3-D CGI.

    Screening at The Carnegie, Covington KY
    Program "A"   Saturday March 23, 4:00 repeats Sunday March 24, 7:00
    Program "B"   Saturday March 23, 7:00 repeats Sunday March 24, 4:00

    S O L D  O U T

    COMBO 1   All in one day, Saturday, March 23
    Program A at 4 PM and Program B at 7 PM
    S O L D  O U T

    COMBO 2   Afternoons, 4 PM each day
    Saturday, March 23 and Sunday, March 24
    S O L D  O U T

    COMBO 3   Evenings, 7 PM each day
    Saturday, March 23 and Sunday, March 24
    S O L D  O U T

    COMBO 4   All in one day, Sunday, March 24
    Program B at 4 PM and Program A at 7 PM
    Screening at the Sharonville Fine Arts Center, Cincinnati OH
    Program "A"   Sunday April 7, 4:00
    Program "B"   Sunday April 7, 7:00

    Combo Tickets – Programs A and B – are $18 in advance.
    Single tickets for individual programs are $11 each in advance
    and $13 at the door. Tix available online and by phone ONLY.

    Click here for Combo Package 1

    COMBO 5   All in one day, Sunday, April 7
    Program A at 4 PM and Program B at 7 PM
    Click here for Single Tickets
    SINGLE TICKETS   Both programs on April 7


    Program A ~ Film Roster
    Total Run Time approximately 94 minutes.

    Oscar Nominee    Animation

    Director Adam Pesapane (aka PES), USA, 2 minutes.

    It looks simple, even trivial, as two hands turn pop culture objects into guacamole but the stop-motion, Claymation and trick-photography technique is so painstakingly exact that you have to marvel at the effort that went into the creation.

    MORE... read more

    PES (Adam Pesapane) is frequently cited as one of the most unique video artists of his generation. His signature style of animation with objects blends a pop art sensibility with touches of surrealism. His first short Roof Sex won the "Best First Film" award at the Annecy Animation Festival in 2002 and went on to receive 25 million+ hits online. His short, Western Spaghetti, was named #2 Viral Video of the Year by TIME Magazine and won at Sundance in 2009. His most recent film, Fresh Guacamole, premiered in front of Academy Award winner The Artist and was recently nominated for a 2013 OSCAR.

    PES has been featured in a wide variety of publications and venues, from The New York Times to the front pages of YouTube in 22 countries, from underground film festivals to major art institutions such as the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. His work has been screened and awarded in film festivals worldwide and his films have received a hundred million views online. He has also directed dozens of commercials for major brands including Playstation, Scrabble, and Bacardi. PES is currently developing a feature film based on the Garbage Pail Kids franchise with Michael Eisner's Tornante Company.

    Oscar Nominee    Live-Action

    Bryan Buckley, South Africa/USA, 17 minutes.

    Set in a war-torn fishing village in Somalia, this is the coming-of-age story of a Somali boy who is faced with falling into the pirate life, or rising above it to choose the path of an honest fisherman. Using a non-professional cast of Somali refugees, Asad shares a young person's view of life in a violent world and demonstrates that children are often wiser than the adults around them. Softened with humor, the film affirms the human cost of the region's lawlessness.

    MORE... read more
    Bryan Buckley, a veteran commercial director and co-owner of Hungry Man Productions, has been directing since the mid-90s. Over the last decade he has directed more than 40 Super Bowl commercials and was dubbed King of the Super Bowl by the New York Times. Many pieces of Buckley's work have been inducted into the Museum Of Modern Art's permanent collection and he is an esteemed recipient of the DGA award, Emmys and many Cannes Lions.

          AWARDS  read more

    Jury Prize Best Narrative Short, TriBeCa FIlm Festival
    Audience Award Best Short, Los Angeles Film Festival
    BAFTA/LA Best Short Film, Mill Valley Film Festival
    People's Choice Award Best Short Film, Starz Denver Film Festival
    Jury Prize Best Narrative Short, Austin Film Festival
    Audience Award Best Short, Austin Film Festival
    Special Jury Prize, Traverse City FIlm Festival
    Best Short Film, HollyShorts Film Festival
    Grand Prize Best Short, Rhode Island International FIlm Festival
    Jury Prize Best Narrative Short, New Orleans Film Festival
    Best of Fest, San Jose International Short Film Festival
    Best Short Film & Social Justice Award, One Lens Film Festival


    Seattle International Film Festival, Palm Springs International ShortFest, Montreal World Film Festival, Telluride Film Festival, Atlantic Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival, Hamptons International Film Festival, Ellensburg Film Festival, Foyle Film Festival, Evolution Film Festival, Sante Fe Film Festival, Ashbury Shorts Film Concert, Irvine Film Festival, Boulder International Film Festival, Mainly British Film Festival, Sedona Film Festival, San Diego Film Society, Portland International Film Festival, Florida Film Festival.

    Oscar Nominee    Animation

    Director David Silverman, USA, 5 minutes.

    Maggie Simpson spends a day at the Ayn Rand Daycare Center where she is diagnosed at an average intelligence level. Longing to be grouped with the gifted children, Maggie finds her destiny and the joy of altruistic kindness by rescuing a lonely cocoon from Baby Gerald, who is busy smashing butterflies.

    MORE... read more
    Born on Long Island, New York, and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, David Silverman began drawing at age four, and he's never found a good reason to stop. Winning several student film awards during his academic career helped him to focus on developing his abilities. Attending the UCLA Animation Workshop brought his talent to the attention of others in the animation community.

    Much of David's career has revolved around The Simpsons. After receiving his M.F.A from UCLA in 1983, he freelanced in illustration and animation. In 1987, he landed a job animating on The Tracey Ullman Show, where The Simpsons got their start as short segments. Animating on all 48 shorts led to David directing many of the first episodes when The Simpsons became a series, including The Simpsons Christmas Special in December 1989, and the premiere episode a month later. David became Supervising Animation Director as well as a producer on the show in 1992. To date, he has directed 22 episodes of The Simpsons, winning 4 Emmys along the way.

    In the midst of his success with The Simpsons, David was wooed away first to DreamWorks (The Road to El Dorado - co-director), and then to Pixar (Monsters, Inc. - co-director), Blue Sky (Ice Age, Robots - writing and storyboarding), and then Warner Bros (Looney Tunes: Back In Action - storyboarding for Animation Director Eric Goldberg.) He returned to the series at the end of 2003, again as Supervising Director. He was later chosen to direct the much anticipated film, The Simpsons Movie, released in 2007. Presently, David has a number of projects in development, including directing a live-action feature, and he continues on The Simpsons as a consulting producer.

    Oscar Nominee    Live-Action

    Director Tom Van Avermaet, Belgium/France, 20 minutes.

    Nathan, a soldier in the trenches, died in World War I. A strange collector imprisoned his shadow and gave him a new chance: a second life against 10,000 captured shadows. It is love that guides him, as his purpose is to meet Sarah again, the woman he fell in love with before he died. But then he discovers that she's already in love with someone else, jealousy clouds his mind and pushes him towards a bitter decision, not without consequences.

    MORE... read more
    Born in 1982, Tom Van Avermaet has always had one specific goal in his life, namely that of being a storyteller. Fascinated by the celluloid dreamscape that cinema provided, Tom quickly decided that the best way to fulfil that goal was by picking up the cinematic paintbrush himself. While enrolled in his last year of film school at the RITS in Belgium, he completed his first short film DREAMTIME - Droomtijd (2006), with which he graduated with honours. The film went on to complete a successful national & international festival run with over 60 festival selections and numerous awards (among which a nomination for the Mélies D'or for best European fantastic Short Film).

    Starring in Van Avermaet's short film DEATH OF A SHADOW are Matthias Schoenaerts (Bullhead, Rust & Bone), Laura Verlinden, Peter Van Den Eede and Benjamin Ramon. Influenced by the great surrealists of the international world of cinema (Guillermo Del Toro, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Terry Gilliam, Tim Burton, Stanley Kubrick, Raoul Servais) and inspired by the mythology and mystery of fantasy tales and comic books, Tom hopes to bring his passion for the fantastic and the imaginative to life with future projects, be they commercials, music videos, short or long narrative fiction.
          AWARDS & FESTIVALS  read more
    Best Of The Fest, Los Angeles Shortsfest Best European Short/EFA Award, Valladolid International Film Festival Audience Award, Samain Du Cinema Fantastique Audience Award For Best Flemish Short Film, Leuven International Short Film Festival Best Narrative Short, Fargo Film Festival

    Le Court En Dit Long, France
    Nederlands international Film Festival
    Ghent International Film Festival, Belgium
    St. Louis International Film Festival
    Black Night Short Film Festival, Estonia
    Paris International Fantastic Film Festival
    Festival Du Film Court De Villeurbanne, France
    International Izmir Short Film Festival, Turkey
    Absint Shorts - Dommelhof Neerpelt, Belgium

    Oscar Nominee    Animation

    Director Minkyu Lee, USA, 16 minutes.

    A hand-drawn story with watercolor backgrounds about the first dog -- the dog of the Garden of Eden. The effect is like wandering through a painting, with a substantial narrative and many visual surprises. What happened in those first days of Creation that made Man and Dog so inseparable? The dog, as he lives through this curious world, encounters a strange creature; a human being named Adam - and with that discovers a new-found connection to the world.

    MORE... read more      
    Minkyu Lee is a writer, director, and animator currently working as a visual development artist and character designer at Walt Disney Animation Studios. He graduated from the California Institute of the Arts with a BFA in Character Animation, and his animation can be seen in Disney films such as Princess and the Frog, and Winnie the Pooh. His character design work is featured in Wreck-it Ralph, and Disney's Frozen. He wrote, directed, and produced the short film Adam and Dog, which won the Annie Award for Best Short Film in 2012.

    OSCAR WINNER    Live-Action

    Director Shawn Christensen, USA, 20 minutes.

    Richie is interrupted in his bathtub suicide attempt by a call from his estranged sister, asking him to babysit his niece for a few hours. Young Sophia, who is wiser, more perceptive than her uncle, has a transformative effect. Will Richie respond, find something to live for? It takes another phone call to find out.

    There is a dark charm to this well-made work as it pursues themes of reconciliation and redemption. Director Christensen channels Martin Scorsese with use of an opera score and plentiful jump cuts.

    MORE... read more

    Shawn Christensen graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Illustration and Graphic Design. After graduating, he formed indie rock band Stellastarr and, while on tour, wrote and sold many screenplays, including Sidney Hall (Scott Free Productions) and Karma Coalition (Warner Bros.). His short film Brink was an Official Selection of the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival and won Best Festival Film of the Year from ShortOfTheWeek.com. His latest short film, Curfew, has won over 40 awards in Film Festivals around the world and is just won the Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film at the 85th Academy Awards.

          AWARDS  read more
    Academy Award Winner, Live Action Short Film, 85th Academy Awards
    Best Short Film, Stockholm International Film Festival
    Best Narrative Short Film, Nashville Film Festival
    Best Short Narrative, Woodstock Film Festival
    Best Live Action Short Film, Cleveland International Film Festival
    Audience Award (International), Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival
    Best Actor and Audience Award (International), Brussels Short Film Festival
    Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award, Ozu International Film Festival
    Best Actor, Silver Medal and Audience Award, 24FPS International Short Film Festival
    Audience Award (International), Short Shorts Film Festival
    Best Young Actress and Audience Award, Sapporo Short Film Festival
    Best International Short Film, Granada International Film Festival
    Best Director, Best Actor and Grand Jury Prize, Seattle Shorts Film Festival
    Audience Award, 15 Short Film Festival
    Youth Jury Award, Concorto Film Festival
    Best International Short Film, La Boca Del Lobo Int'l Film Festival
    Can-Am People's Choice Award, Windsor International Film Festival
    Best Narrative Short Film, Tacoma Film Festival
    Christopher Reeve Audience Award, Williamstown Film Festival
    Creativity Prize, Saguenay International Short Film Festival
    Best Short Film, Abitibi-Temiscamingue Int'l Film Festival
    Special Jury Commendation, Port Townsend Film Festival
    Best Selection (International) and Audience Award, Sequence Short Film Festival
    Best Short Screenplay, Young Cinephiles Award,
    Best Screenplay, Grand Jury Prize, Youth Jury Prize and Audience Award, Soria International Short Film Festival

    Bonus Film    Animation

    Director Alex Weil, USA, 10 minutes.

    The mesmerizing ballet of a wind-borne discarded food wrapper leads a New York subway rat into an adventure of love and loss. A touching story of unrequited love; you know it's good when you are rooting for sweet little fur-faced varmints!

    MORE... read more
    Alex Weil is an award-winning executive creative director and founder of the New York-based design and production studio Charlex. As both storyteller and technical innovator, Alex has delivered breakthrough moments in digital imagemaking for over 25 years. His pioneering work with multi-layered video oeffects for The Cars' "You Might Think" video netted the young director MTV's first ever award for Best Music Video and marked the start of a new generation of motion/video graphics. His opening titles for "Saturday Night Live' won an Emmy award and his long-form video for the band Yes was nominated for a Grammy. Weil has been honored with many prestigious advertising industry awards and his work is part of the permanent collection at MoMA.
          AWARDS  read more

    Best Animation Audience Award, Barcelona ArtFutura
    Best Short BAFTA Award, Mill Valley Film Festival
    Winner Best of Show, Siggraph Computer Animation Festival
    Best 3D Animation, California Animation Festival
    First Prize in Animation, Rhode Island International Film Festival
    Future Filmmaker Award, Palm Springs International Film Festival
    Best Animation Audience Award, Austin Film Festival
    Jury Price in Animation, One Reel Film Festival, 2006
    Highly Commended Animated Short Film, Melbourne International Film Festival
    Honorable Mention, CineVegas Film Festival

    All Oscar Nominees will be shown, bonus films and program sequence subject to change.

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    Program B ~ Film Roster
    Total Run Time approximately 94 minutes.

    Bonus Film - Oscar Shortlist    Animation

    Leo Verrier, France, 8 minutes.

    Jack is a strange character, stealing paintings from museums to eat them, believing he is ingesting the artistic prowess of the painter. But one day, the museums are closed and he must paint on his own to survive.

    AWARDS  read more

    Best Animated Short Film, Cleveland International Film Festival
    Best Animated Short Film, Sitges - Catalonian International Film Festival
    Grand Prize, Short Film, Warsaw International Film Festival
    Special Prize, Funniest Film, Krok International Animated Film Festival
    Best of Festival Award and Best Animated Short Film, Nashville Film Festival
    Jury Award, Best Soundtrack, Anima Mundi Animation Festival

    Oscar Nominee    Live-Action

    Sam French, Afghanistan/USA, 30 minutes.

    Set against the dramatic landscape of contemporary Afghanistan and the National sport of Buzkashi - a brutal game of horse polo played with a dead goat - Buzkashi Boys tells the coming-of-age story of two best friends, a charismatic street urchin and a defiant blacksmith's son, who struggle to realize their dreams as they make their way to manhood in one of the most war-torn countries on Earth.

    Shot on location in Kabul city by an alliance of Afghan and international film makers, Buzkashi Boys looks at war and its aftermath through a heartbreaking perspective – the eyes of children. In light of real life behind the headlines of war in Afghanistan, it is remarkable that the film concludes on a note of optimism.

    MORE... read more
    A founding director of Development Pictures in Kabul, Afghanistan, Sam French is an award-winning filmmaker whose work has appeared on the BBC, National Geographic, HBO, and other broadcast outlets. Sam directed Buzkashi Boys, one of the first narrative fiction films to be shot entirely on location in Kabul.

    Sam believes that film-makers have an inherent responsibility to reveal the range of human experience, and as such has embarked on extensive journeys to far reaches of the world.. He believes that film gains its power to entertain and influence by questioning our comfortable visions of life, and as such, he feels it essential to interact and learn from people with different viewpoints and ways of seeing this small planet we all call home.

    Now living in Los Angeles, Sam has recently completed an MFA from the School of Cinema and Television at USC. His most recent projects include a series of commercials for the Malaysian cell phone company Celcom, and a music video for Asian superstar Leehom Wang that topped the charts for MTV Asia. He is currently working on his first feature film script.
    AWARDS  read more
    Best Drama, LA Shorts Fest
    Best Cinematography, UK Film Festival
    Best Short, Savannah Film Festival
    Best Cinematography Rhode Island Film Festival
    Best of Festival, Raindance
    Crystal Heart Award, Heartland Film Festival
    MIFF Awards nomination

    Nashville Film Festival
    Beijing International Film Festival
    Big Island Film Festival
    LA Shorts Fest
    Evolution International Film Festival
    Palm Springs International Short Fest
    Heartland Film Festival
    Rhode Island International Film Festival
    Montreal World Film Festival
    Raindance Film Festival
    Santa Fe Independent Film Festival
    Washington West Film Festival
    Santa Fe Film Festival
    UK Film Festival
    Savannah Film Festival
    Irvine International Film Festival
    Austin Film Festival

    Bonus Film    Animation   

    Directors Oury Atlan, Thibaut Berland and Damien Ferrie, France, 5 minutes.

    An incredibly moving and superbly executed tribute to Jim Henson, created as a thesis project by students at the French Academy of Animation at Arles. It's a rare piece of computer animation that can fool the viewer for more than a few seconds into thinking it was photographed — the directors create movement so smooth and naturalistic that the film sustains this illusion for most of its running time.

    Oscar Nominee    Live-Action

    Director Yan England, Canada, 21 minutes.

    Henry, a once-great concert pianist, is thrown in turmoil the day the love of this life, Maria, disappears mysteriously. Combining suspense with a memory play, this Quebecois drama gets inside the head of the aging protagonist, conveying the confusion and terror of Alzheimer's disease.

    The disorienting (for Henry) parade of people, emotions and events from his past, and the inevitable verdict of life, is made more poignant by the heart-wrenching authenticity of Gérard Poirier in the title role and the use of Mascagni's "Cavalleria Rusticana" as a musical motif.

    MORE... read more
    HENRY is Yan England's second short film as writer, director, and producer. His first one, MOI received international acclaim winning a dozen awards while being shown in more than thirty festivals around the world. Furthermore, he was among the list of short films eligible for the Academy Awards.

    As a talented young actor, Yan lived in Los Angeles for a 5-year period in order to perfect his acting skills. Upon his return to Canada, his career blossomed. He can be seen in many television series and films for which he has also received various awards. Film being his passion, he is actively pursuing writing and directing. HENRY is a personal film inspired by his grand-father's last moments in life, which he wished to honor.

    Yan produced the film without any financial backing. Due to the generosity of talented actors, and a professional film crew, he now has the immense privilege to be an Academy Award Nominee.

    Oscar Nominee    ANIMATION

    Director Timothy Reckart, USA, 11 minutes.

    Walter and Madge have grown apart: she lives on the floor and he lives on the ceiling – a startling metaphor for a broken marriage. They live separate, parallel lives, never talking, barely even looking at each other. When Walter tries to reignite their old romance, it brings their equilibrium crashing down, and the couple that cannot agree which way is up must find a way to put their marriage back together.

    MORE... read more
    Timothy Reckart is an animator and director specializing in stop motion animation. He has a BA in history and literature from Harvard University and an MA in directing animation from the National Film & Television School. His experience in stop motion includes work at Aardman Animations on Shaun the Sheep and The Pirates: Band of Misfits, as well as an internship in commercial stop motion at Bent Image Lab, Portland, Oregon. Head Over Heels is his debut animated short. A native of Tucson, Arizona, Timothy now lives in New York City.
          AWARDS  read more
    Best First Animation Award, Galway Film Fleadh
    Best Short Animation (Jury and Audience Award), Anima Mundi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Best Student Film (Audience Award), Anima Mundi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Short Animation Audience Prize, Hiroshima International Animation Festival
    Audience Award for Best Short Animation, Animage Festival Pernambuco
    Best Short Film, Festival du Film Britannique de Dinard
    Best Animated Short Audience Award, Austin Film Festival
    Best Short Film, Heartland Film Festival
    Jimmy Stewart Memorial Crystal Heart Award, Heartland Film Festival
    Special Jury Prize Short Animation, Cinanima Espinho, Brazil
    IMDb New Filmmaker Award, Bath Film Festival
    Best Animated Short (Jury Prize, Audience Prize and Youth Jury Prize), Fancine Málaga Brazil
    Best Student Film (Prix du Public), Pernambuco
    Audience Prize, Animpact Max Seoul
    Best European Student Film, Animateka International Animation Film Fest

    Bonus Film    Live-Action

    Director Brendan Muldowney, Ireland, 10 minutes

    Using obvious "scary movie" devices at the beginning, director Brendan Muldowney deliberately sets us up for what seems to be a traditional "teenage girl home alone at night" scenario. But that's not where he's taking us ...

    Made on a modest budget with just two locations and a handful of actors, Muldowney uses music and increasing suspense to prolong every second of this artfully conceived and executed thriller with a twist.

    OSCAR WINNER    Animation

    Director John Kahrs, USA, 7 minutes.

    The enchanting story of a lonely young man in mid-century New York City, whose destiny takes an unexpected turn after a chance meeting a beautiful woman on his morning commute. Convinced the girl of his dreams is gone forever, he gets a second chance when he spots her in a skyscraper window across the avenue from his office. With only his heart, imagination and a stack of papers to get her attention, his efforts are no match for what the fates have in store for him.

    An homage to the classic short The Red Balloon, without a single line of dialogue, it's beautifully stylized with particular attention to big-city light and shadow, suggesting a monochrome, animated film noir.
    Check out this short making-of video.

    MORE... read more
    John Kahrs grew up in the Hudson Valley of New York State where he showed an early interest in animation. He began experimenting with Super-8 cameras and flipbooks when he probably should have been doing his homework. After graduating from art school in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Kahrs landed a job as the first animator under director Chris Wedge at Blue Sky Studios in New York.

    Kahrs relocated to the San Francisco Bay area in 1997 when he was hired by Pixar Animation Studios to work as an animator. Over the next 10 years, he lent his animation skills to nearly every Pixar feature film - from A Bug's Life to Ratatouille - and also served as lead animator for the character Sully in Monsters, Inc.

    In 2007, Kahrs relocated to Los Angeles to take on the role of supervising animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios. Alongside Glen Keane and Clay Kaytis, Kahrs supervised the animation on the 2010 hit film Tangled. He resides in Torrance, Calif., and holds a keen interest in aviation and photography.

    All Oscar Nominees will be shown, bonus films and program sequence subject to change