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Essential Event Info

COVER GIRL, February 13 & 14, 2014
  • Starring Rita Hayworth, Gene Kelly, Phil Silvers, Eve Arden & Otto Kruger.
  • Music and Lyrics by Jerome Kern and Ira Gershwin.
  • Film and companion live performance.
  • Optional pre-film dinner.
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    Dinner Reservations

    Enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner in the Carnegie Gallery before the film.

    Jeff Thomas Catering

    Live Music before the Film

    Popular guitarist Richard Goering will perform romantic favorites during dinner.

    Richard Goering

    Learn more about Richard and his music on Facebook and YouTube.

    Cast Filmographies & Bios
    Career highlights plus filmography and bio links for Rita Hayworth, Gene Kelly, Phil Silvers, Eve Arden, Otto Kruger and Lee Bowman.
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    Rita in MotionWow, this woman can dance!
    Priceless up-tempo Hayworth!

    About the Event

    Cincinnati World Cinema and The Carnegie are proud to present a memorable occasion you'll want to share with friends and loved ones.

  • A classic movie musical romance and box-office smash that influenced movie-making ever after, starring Rita Hayworth and Gene Kelly, with music by Jerome Kern and Ira Gershwin.

  • The film and a live performance — featuring a vocal ensemble performing in synch with key musical segments in the film, the brainchild of Josh Steele, Carnegie theatre director.  How it works...

  • A candlelight dinner and musical serenade before the movie, setting the romantic mood for the evening.

  • Join us for this one-of-a-kind Valentine's celebration of romance, dance and music!   It's so convenient – an easy-to-reach destination where you park once for your dinner and great entertainment.

    For personal assistance from our Cinema Concierge with your film tickets and dinner reservations, call 859 957 3456.

    Romance, Glamor & Optimism

    Beyond its appeal as sheer entertainment and romance, Cover Girl is a snapshot of America in wartime.

    As heavy fighting in Europe and the Pacific continued in 1944, Cover Girl offered a "feminine ideal" — beautiful women that any soldier could adore — Eve Arden and Jinx Falkenbergshowing our boys what they were fighting for. And it didn't hurt that Rita Hayworth was one of the most popular pin-ups with servicemen during WWII.

    The glamorous hairstyles, wardrobes, hats and accessories were mesmerizing, inspiring dreams of fashion in war-weary women who had gone so long without. Cover Girl was a showcase for Rita Hayworth and also for Columbia's first use of the Technicolor process, evidenced by the lavish sets and use of brilliant colors.

    Nominated for five Oscars, Cover Girl was a huge box-office success and more than just an escapist romance. There was overt optimism in the dialogue and in the sparkling songs by Kern and Gershwin — Make Way for Tomorrow, etc. — instilling the American psyche with belief that the war might soon be won.

    Gershwin's poignant ballad Long Ago and Far Away remains one of the most beautiful songs ever written for a film (and was the biggest money-maker for Gershwin, more than any of the songs he wrote with his brother George).

    Cover Girl catapulted Hayworth and Kelly to super-stardom. After two successful dance films with Fred Astaire, this was Hayworth's first Technicolor musical — Rita's dancing was spectacular! And, the film established Kelly as a virtuoso choreographer as well as a major dancing talent.

    WORTH KNOWING: Julie Kirgo writes about the significant elements of the film and offers behind-the-scenes insight into Cover Girl...

    A Privileged Hollywood Moment, Preserved On Celluloid
    By Julie Kirgo
    Cover Girl (1944) is so much pure unadulterated fun that one can lose sight of the fact that it's also a landmark in movie musical history – in more ways than one. A lavish extravaganza designed to showcase both the sumptuous glamour and the terpsichorean talents of Columbia's supernova, Rita Hayworth, this was the burgeoning star's first musical in Technicolor – oh, those lips, those eyes, and that spectacular red hair!

    Further, Cover Girl marked the first time that co-star Gene Kelly – soon to be acknowledged as a great innovator in Hollywood dance – was given free reign to choreograph his own numbers, assisted by another young dancer fresh from Broadway, future sterling director Stanley Donen.

    And finally, in the words of film music historian Tony Thomas, Cover Girl was "a major turning point... at which the long familiar concept of the movie musical as a string of songs strung together by a skimpy plot gave way to a broader concept in which the musical sequences would form a part of the plot."
    Julie KirgoJulie Kirgo is a writer and film historian specializing in essays and liner notes for Twilight Time, a California firm dedicated to the restoration and distribution of classic films. Her career includes writing for American Movie Classics Magazine and contributing to DVD commentaries. Learn more about Julie in this KQEK interview.

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