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Essential Event Info


  • Two programs ("A" and "B"), with running time of approximately 101 and 104 minutes.
  • Genre: Short Live-Action & Animation; comedy, drama, suspense, adventure.
  • NR (not rated) but generally suitable for all audiences – treat as PG13, except maybe Program A #4, with some scenes of war/violence.

    W H E N
    2015 Screening Dates:
  • Sat, Mar 14, Program A, 4 pm
  • Sat, Mar 14, Program B, 7 pm
  • Sun, Mar 15, Program B, 4 pm
  • Sun, Mar 15, Program A, 7 pm

  • Venue opens at 3:00 and 6:00 pm, with seating at 3:30 and 6:30 for the respective screenings.

    W H E R E
  • The Carnegie
    1028 Scott Blvd, Covington KY 41011

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    PDF Parking Map

  • T I C K E T   P R I C I N G *
  • Single Tix $11 for Programs A or B.
  • Save $4 – Combo Tix $18 for Programs A and B.
  • Single Tix are $13* at the door, plus the Carnegie surcharge.

    *  NOTE: Any ticket physically sold by the Carnegie Arts Center incurs a $1.00 facility charge in addition to the face value of the ticket -- applies to tix purchased in advance by phone or in person, and at the door.

    H O W   T O   G E T   T I C K E T S
    $11 Single & $18 Combo Tix:
  •   TICKETS ON-LINE – choose from package and single ticket options in the panel to the right.
  •   By phone at CWC, 859 957 3456.
    Open 9-7, Monday-Saturday.

    $11 Single Tix only:
  •   Sitwell's Coffee House   Sold Out
    513 281 7487 – Ludlow Ave, Clifton
  •   Lookout Joe Coffee Roasters   Sold Out
    513 871 8626 – Mt. Lookout Square
  •   Coffee Emporium   Sold Out
    513 651 5483 – Downtown Cincinnati
  •   Carnegie box office,   Sold Out
    12-5 pm, Tue-Fri   859 957 1940 – Covington

    Socialize, eat and drink between the sessions...
    Enjoy your favorite beverage from the bar,
    plus delicious entrees, small plates, desserts
    and espresso from Coffee Emporium.
    Cinema Menu

    Exclusive Tri-State engagement – 4 screenings only !!

    Cincinnati World Cinema :: Oscar Shorts 2015 Slide Show

    Oscar Shorts & More, 2015

    Cincinnati World Cinema presents its 14th Annual Screening
    of the Academy Award Nominated and Winning
    Live-Action & Animated Short Films

    Compared to the feature film nominees, the short film slate offers greater gender (35% women) and ethnic diversity, with work by filmmakers from thirteen countries: Canada, China, France, Iran, Israel, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Switzerland, the UK and the USA.

      NYT Review
    Learn more about Cincinnati native Patrick Osborne, director of Feast, this year's Oscar winner for Best Animated Short Film.

  • Take advantage of this opportunity to see Academy Award-winning and nominated short films on the big screen, at one time, in one place, in High-Definition digital.
  • Park once (it's free), see 14 films in two distinct programs, and enjoy food and drink from the Carnegie Bar and Coffee Emporium between screenings.
  • Oscar Shorts & More has sold out for the last six years – to avoid disappointment, please consider purchasing at your earliest convenience.

    2015 Screenings at The Carnegie, Covington KY
    Program "A"   Saturday March 14, 4:00
    repeats Sunday March 15, 7:00
    Program "B"   Saturday March 14, 7:00
    repeats Sunday March 15, 4:00
    We have a    in the event of exchanges/cancellations.
    S O L D  O U T

    COMBO 1   All in one day, Saturday, March 14
    Program A at 4 PM & Program B at 7 PM
    S O L D  O U T

    COMBO 2   Afternoons, 4 PM each day
    Saturday, March 14 and Sunday, March 15
    S O L D  O U T

    COMBO 3   Evenings, 7 PM each day
    Saturday, March 14 and Sunday, March 15
    S O L D  O U T

    COMBO 4   All in one day, Sunday, March 15
    Program B at 4 PM and Program A at 7 PM


    Program A ~ Film Roster

    Total Run Time approximately 101 minutes.
    Screens Saturday, 4 pm; repeats Sunday, 7 pm.

    Oscar Nominee    Animation
    Directors Robert Kondo & Dice Tsutsumi, USA, 18 minutes.

    This beautiful short film with anthropomorphic characters tells the tale of a young pig encumbered with an important job, whose encounter with a new classmate who changes everything. A first-time collaboration between some of the most talented artists in animation, The Dam Keeper made its world premiere as an official selection at the 2014 Berlin International Film Festival.

    Set in a desolate future, a small town's survival depends on a large windmill that acts as a fan to keep out poisonous clouds. Despite bullying from schoolmates and indifferent townsfolk, the dam's operator, Pig, works tirelessly to keep the wind sails spinning to protect the town in the valley below. When Fox, a new student, joins Pig's class everything starts to change.

    Made up of over 8,000 paintings, The Dam Keeper blends traditional hand-drawn animation with lush brushstrokes to bring Kondo and Tsutsumi's celebrated painting-style to life. The Danish actor Lars Mikkelsen of BBC's Sherlock narrates this timeless fable. Directors Kondo and Tsutsumi are known for their art direction on films such as Ice Age, Ratatouille, Monsters University and Toy Story 3.

    Links:     Trailer       Making-of Playlist       Festivals & Awards

    Oscar Nominee    Live-Action
    Director Talkhon Hamzavi, Switzerland, 25 minutes.

    One of several clashes and connections between cultures found in this year's nominated films.

    Iranian-born director Talkhon Hamzavi shares her story of Parvaneh (Nissa Kashani), a young Afghan refugee working in Switzerland, who visits Zurich to send money home to her ailing father. Lacking official identification, her requests for help are ignored by passers by, until she meets Emely, a Swiss punker of the same age. After a rocky start the two women, both "outsiders," bond in this story of discovery, crossing barriers and friendship.

    Trailer       Director Talkhon Hamzavi       Actress Nissa Kashani

    Bonus Film - Oscar Shortlist    Animation
    Director Tali, Canada, 11 minutes.

    Inspired by her own misadventures as a school bus driver, Canadian filmmaker Tali uses cheeky humour in this witty and touching look at the people living in the Quebec countryside.

    Bonus Film    Live Action
    Director Alejandro González Iñárritu, Mexico, 14 minutes.

    Thanks to corporate sponsor BMW, Powder Keg was blessed with an excellent cast and crew and a substantial production budget. Winner of three Oscars this year for Birdman (Best Picture, Director and Screenplay), director Alejandro González Iñárritu has a stellar track record with the likes of Biutiful, Babel, 21 Grams and Amores Perros.

    Co-stars are Stellan Skarsgård, (Breaking The Waves, Dancer in the Dark, Goya's Ghost, Angels & Demons, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and Clive Owen (Gosford Park, The Bourne Identity, Closer, Greenfingers, Children of Men, The International, Hemingway & Gellhorn), with support from Lois Smith (Five Easy Pieces, Iron Jawed Angels, Minority Report, Dead Man Walking, Falling Down, Fried Green Tomatoes, East of Eden).

    Mouse-over:   SYNOPSIS read more
    Tense and emotionally charged, Powder Keg is set in Colombia but based on real-life events in Mexico, the Aguas Blancas Massacre. Filmed in hand-held 16mm, it has a grainy, documentary feel. The cinematography is by two-time Oscar winner Robert Richardson and the score by talented composer Harry Gregson-Williams, with a haunting end-piece ballad, Una Palabra, by Cuban icon Carlos Varela.

    Times war photographer Harvey Jacobs (Skarsgård) is wounded while witnessing a massacre at Nuevo Colon by government-backed terrorists, who seek to finish him off. In a desperate effort, the United Nations sends a vehicle and driver (Owen) to rescue Harvey and the film which documents the events.

    During the pursuit, Harvey senses his impending death, unloads the film from his camera and gives the film and his dog tags to the UN driver with a request to get the film to his boss at the New York Times and the dogtags to his mother (Smith). They make it to freedom, but Harvey does not survive.

    Note: this film has some brief scenes of violence, integral to the plot and not gratuitious.

          FILMOGRAPHY  read more
    Bio Notes: Born in Mexico in August, 1963, Iñárritu has been a sailor, radio station programmer, screenwriter, composer, TV director and short filmmaker.

    Cincinnati connection: In 2012, he directed Procter and Gamble's "Best Job" commercial for the 2012 Olympic Ceremonies. It won the Best Primetime Commercial Emmy at Creative Arts Emmy Awards.


    Birdman, Feature, 2014  
        (3x Oscar Winner; 3x BAFTA Nominee; 1 win, 2x Golden Globe nominee;
        Winner, Directors Guild, Producers Guild, and Independent Spirit Awards)
    Naran Ja, Short, 2012
    Biutiful, Feature, 2010
        (Oscar Nominee; 2x BAFTA Nominee; Cannes Best Film nominee)
    Anna, Short, 2007
    Babel, Feature, 2006
        (2x Oscar Nominees; BAFTA Nominee; Winner, Cannes Best Director;
        Winner, Cannes Ecumenical Jury Prize; Cannes Best Film nominee;
        Winner, Golden Globe Best Picture, Nominee, Golden Globe Best Director;
        Nominee, Directors Guild Best Director; Nominee, Producers Guild Best Picture)
    21 Grams, Feature, 2003
    09-11-01, Short, 2002
    Powder Keg, Short, 2001
    Amores Perros, Feature 2000
        (Oscar Nominee Best Foreign Film; BAFTA Winner, Best Foreign Film;
        2x Winner, Cannes; Nominee, Golden Globe and Independent Spirit Award)
    El Timbre, Short, 1996

    Links:     Iñárritu Bio       "Una Palabra," Carlos Varela

    Bonus Film - Oscar Shortlist    Animation
    Directors Matéo Bernard, Matthias Bruget, Jonathan Duret, Manon Marco and Quentin Puiraveau, France, 6 minutes.

    A caterpillar failing desperately to get into her cocoon meets two bugs who help her achieve metamorphosis. An adventure with pitfalls that reflect, with visual poetry, the realities of the animal world.

    OSCAR WINNER    Live-Action
    Director Mat Kirby, UK, 21 minutes.

    Heather (Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominee Sally Hawkins, Blue Jasmine), a shy young worker at a crisis call center, takes a call from a man called Stan (Oscar- and BAFTA-winner Jim Broadbent, Iris, Topsy-Turvy, Moulin Rouge!, Iron Lady, Bridget Jones' Diary, Brazil, The Crying Game, The Damned United). Stan is at the end of his rope, his wife has died, and he's on the verge of doing something rash. Heather offers him empathy and friendship and they develop a rapport over the phone.

    The exceptional acting in this emotionally resonant and touching story will have you thinking about what makes life worthwhile.

    Filmmakers Mat Kirby and James Lucas, who both work for Ridley Scott, wrote the script together after realizing both of their mothers volunteer at crisis call centers.

    Mouse-over:    AWARDS  read more

    US Academy Awards
    BFI London October 2013
    Tribeca April 2014
    Aspen ShortsFest April 2014
    Heartlands October 2014
    Naples Film Festival November 2014
    Tacoma Film Festival October 2014
    Show Me Shorts NZ November 2014
    Badalona Film Festival November 2014
    Heart of Gold October 2014
    Krakow May 2014
    Dresden April 2014
    Leeds November 2013


    Montreal World August 2014
    Helsinki September 2014
    Hamptons October 2014
    Cork November 2014
    Rhode Island August 2014
    London Shorts January 2014
    Miami March 2014
    Seattle June 2014
    Emden May 2014
    Kitzbuhel August 2014
    Odense August 2014
    Bumbershoot August 2014

    Links:     Trailer       Turning rejection into an Oscar win

    Oscar Nominee    Animation
    Directors Marieke Blaauw, Joris Oprins, Job Roggeveen,
    the Netherlands, 3 minutes.

    A clever, creative, darkly comedic short with a unique mode of time travel that could be straight out of the "Twilight Zone."

    Twenty-something Pia receives a mysterious 45 rpm vinyl record, plays it and finds herself able to travel back and forth throughout her life, depending on where she drops the needle on the disc. Thanks to skips in the record, the ending is not exactly what Pia had in mind.

    Links:     Website & Trailer        Sound track

    All Oscar Nominees will be shown, program sequence subject to change.


    Program B ~ Film Roster

    Total Run Time approximately 104 minutes.
    Screens Saturday, 7 pm; repeats Sunday, 4 pm.

    Oscar Nominee    Animation
    Daisy Jacobs, UK, 7 minutes.

    A beautifully rendered, darkly humorous, and moving portrait of bickering brothers caring for their elderly mother. Perhaps the most artistically creative of all animated nominees, Daisy Jacobs mixes 2D paintings of life-sized characters on flat surfaces with 3D stop-motion elements that create a unique visual delight.

    Mouse-over:    NPR Review  read more
    From NPR:   To See Visual Dazzle In Oscar-Nominated Films, Go Short.   By Tomas Hachard

    "... the category's best offering, Daisy Jacobs's The Bigger Picture, ... is a must-see largely for its technical accomplishments. Jacobs achieved the look of the film by painting characters onto the walls of real sets and having these animations, which are childishly simple and at times expressionist in their distortions, interact with 3D papier-maché props through stop-motion. The astonishing result — whether its simply watching a character pour tea or, more fantastically, suck up an entire room into a vacuum cleaner — is like seeing a mural stick a hand out of a wall to start shaking the hands of passersby."
            AWARDS  read more

    Festival De Cannes, Cinefonation 2014   Troisieme Prix
    Kinofilm International Short Film Festival 2014   Best Short Animation
    Annecy 2014   Cristal for a Graduation Film
    Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014   Creative Innovation In a Short Film
    Portsmouth International Film Festival 2014   Best Animation, Best Animated Screenplay, Achievement In Art
    Anibar Animation Festival 2014   Best Student Animation
    Hiroshima International Animation Festival 2014   Grand Prize
    Fantoche 2014   Best Film
    Encounters Short Film/Animation Festival 2014   Nahemi Prize For Creative Film-Making
    Animage International Animation Festival 2014   Best Technique
    Message 2 Man International Film Festival 2014   Best Animation
    Lille International Festival Of Short Film 2014   2nd Prix, International Competition
    4th Stoptrik International Film Festival 2014   Special mention
    Dinard British Film Festival 2014   Best Short Film
    DOK Leipzig 2014   Silver Dove
    3D Wire 2014   Best European Short Film
    Underwire Film Festival 2014   Under 25 Award
    Colchester Film Festival 2014   Rising Star Award
    Bradford Animation Festival 2014   Best Student Film
    37th Starz Denver Film Festival 2014   Liberty Global Student Filmmaker Award
    Festival Du Cinéma Européen En Essonne 2014   Prix Spécial Lycéen
    KROK At Home Harbour 2014   Best Student Film
    Etiuda & Anima 2014   Honorary Diploma
    Flickerfest 2015   SAE Creative Media Institue Award
    Angers Film Festival, Premier Plans 2015   Grand Jury Prize, European Student Films
    British Shorts Film Festival, Berlin 2015   Jury Award
    British Academy of Film and Television Arts 2015   British Short Animated Film

    Links:     Making-of video       Trailer

    Oscar Nominee    Live-Action
    Directors Mihal Brezis and Oded Binnun, Israel/France, 39 minutes.

    In this cross-cultural story of unexpected connections, a Danish pianist (Ulrich Thomsen) arriving at Ben Gurion Airport mistakes an Israeli woman (Sarah Adler) for his driver, who, intrigued by the encounter gives a him ride to his hotel in Jerusalem.

    This impulsive act morphs into a character study on their 50 km journey, as the film reveals two lonely people driving and talking, with flirtation and the sharing of secrets building intimacy and romantic suspense.

    Mouse-over:    FESTIVALS & AWARDS  read more

    Best Short Film, Ophir Awards 2013 (Israeli Oscars)
    Fort Lauderdale - Best International Short
    Women in Film and TV Vancouver 2013 - Best Performance and Best Mid-Length Film
    Nijmegen Short IFF - 2013
    The Prague IFF - 2013
    Toronto JFF - 2013
    Boston JFF 2013
    Filmisreal! Festival for New Israeli Cinema - 2013
    Seret - The London Israeli Film Festival - 2013
    Zagreb Israeli Film Festival 2013
    Israeli Embassy - Bucharest
    San Francisco JFF - 2013
    Vancouver JFF 2013
    Philadelphia JFF 2013
    Bucharest JFF 2013
    Denver JFF 2014
    New York JFF 2014
    Savannah JFF 2014
    Houston JFF 2014
    Detroit JFF 2014
    Milano PKF 2014
    West Chester JFF 2014
    Tampa Bay JFF 2014
    JCC of Chester County 2014
    Sao Paulo JFF 2014
    aleidoscopio Film Festival - Italy 2014
    Cherry Hill JFF 2015

    Links:     Trailer       Filmmakers       Cast

    Bonus Film - Oscar Shortlist    Animation
    Director Glen Keane, USA, 4 minutes.

    In this mesmerizing, emotional visual poem, the individual paths of Mia and Tosh weave together to create an inspired duet.

    Glen Keane was a Disney animator for forty years, creating iconic characters like Ariel and Aladdin, and working on projects like The Fox and the Hound, Rescuers Down Under and Where the Wild Things Are.

    Now running his own production company, Keane made Duet with 60 frames per second. Most animation studios do 24-30 fps — meaning this short film took over 13.000 pictures to make, fusing the strengths of both hand, pencil and computer.

    Links:     Interview with Glen Keane

    Oscar Nominee    Live-Action
    Director Michael Lennox, Northern Ireland, 14 minutes.

    In 1978 Belfast, two city boys get a surprise gift from their father: a pair of baby chicks. Boys and birds become inseparable, but Mom is not pleased as the birds grow bigger and she discovers she's pregnant. Will they wind up on the dinner table, or can a miracle save the beloved, but edible, pets? Funny and heartwarming, with a great soundtrack.

    Oscar Nominee    ANIMATION
    Director Torill Kove, Norway/Canada, 14 minutes.

    An autobiographical tale from growing up in 1960s Norway, Ms. Kove gives us a glimpse into the life of a seven-year-old girl and her two sisters. Like many kids that age, the girls think their eccentric parents are odd and an embarrassment, especially when they ask them for a bicycle.

    BUTTER LAMP (La Lampe Au Beurre)
    Oscar Nominee    Live-Action
    Director Wei Hu, China/France/Tibet, 15 minutes

    A deceptively simple premise using a stationary camera documents the effects of globalization, as the native Tibetan culture is absorbed by Chinese modernity. Director Wei Hu was inspired by multiple trips to small villages in Tibet and by Michael Nash's photograph, Warsaw, 1946.

    A photographer as well as a filmmaker, Wei uses real villagers to convey the struggle of the Tibetan people to maintain their heritage in the face of change — change driven by China's decade-old program to relocate more than two million rural Tibetans to cities.

    Mouse-over:   SYNOPSIS read more
    Itinerant photographers work their way through Tibet, creating keepsake portraits of nomadic families, taken against an assortment of absurdly grand backdrops — the Great Wall, Hong Kong Disneyland, the Forbidden City, Red Square — think Olan Mills meets the County Fair photo booth. The series of vignettes creates an offbeat and incongruous comic continuity as we encounter groups of all ages and sizes, plus a few stray animals, doing their best to pose.

    The film title refers to candles made of Yak butter that Buddhists burn to mourn the loss of loved ones. In the film, a young man asks the photographer to take a butter lamp to the Potala Palace as an offering to his deceased mother. "But to me it's not just about his mother," Hu told the film blog Indie Wire. "It's also about mourning the culture and traditions that are dying and disappearing."
            Link: Trailer and award info.

    Interview: Wei Hu on Butter Lamp, tradition and modernity.

    OSCAR WINNER    Animation
    Director Patrick Osborne, USA, 6 minutes.

    An ingenious look at the evolving romantic life of a young man, James, seen through the eyes (and appetite) of Winston, his adopted stray Boston Terrier. In this delightful, food-centric short, Winston is in heaven, chowing down on his master's pizza, french fries and leftovers.

    Life is great until James meets a woman who advocates a healthier diet and lifestyle. But the lovebirds separate and the junk food returns. Will Winston yield to his appetite or help his master find happiness?

    Charming and well-executed, Feast will appeal to everyone, especially romantics, foodies and animal lovers.

    Patrick talks about Disney's short film initiative, the process of making Feast and the use of iconic foods.

    WCPO features Patrick, his film, growing up in Cincinnati.

    Mouse-over:   BIO & FILMOGRAPHY... read more
    Cincinnati native Patrick Osborne is a 1999 graduate of St. Xavier High School. In 2003 he received his Batchelor of Fine Arts in computer animation from the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida.

    2014 Feast, Short, writer/director
    2012 Paperman, Short, animation supervisor
    2012 Wreck-It Ralph, Feature, animator
    2010 Operation Secret Santa, TV Short, animator
    2010 Tangled, Feature, animator
    2008 Bolt, Feature, animator
    2008 Sunlit Shadows, Short, animator
    2007 Surf's Up, Feature, animator
    2007 I Am Legend, Feature, character animator
    2005 The Chronicles of Narnia, Feature, lead character animator

    All Oscar Nominees will be shown, program sequence subject to change.

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