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Imagination,   Wit,   Visual Brilliance.   The best of British advertising for television, cinema and the Internet.

Exclusive Engagement !!     October 17 – 18 & 24 – 25, on the Showboat Majestic, Cincinnati

British Arrows Awards
Essential Event Info


Cincinnati World Cinema presents...
  • The 2015 British Arrows Awards
  • The best of British advertising for television, cinema and the Internet.
  • Parents: the Arrows winners are not rated and run on all platforms in the UK. There are a couple brief instances of strong language and violence, nothing that should corrupt well-grounded youngsters grades 9 and up.

  • W H E N
    Exclusive Cincinnati engagement, with
    eight matinee and evening screenings:

      4 pm and 7 pm   Saturday, October 17
      4 pm and 7 pm   Sunday, October 18
      4 pm and 7 pm   Saturday, October 24
      4 pm and 7 pm   Sunday, October 25

    Doors open at 3:30 & 6:30 for 4:00 & 7:00 screenings.

    W H E R E
  • The Showboat Majestic
    Public Landing - Cincinnati Riverfront
    435 E Mehring Way, Cincinnati OH 45202
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  • Shuttle Service, Northeast Cincinnati
  • Southbank Shuttle - Park & Ride Daytime & evening service; fares are $1.00 ($0.75 seniors); (859) 331-8265.

  • T I C K E T S
  • The intimate theatre on the Showboat has limited seating capacity — reserving your tickets in advance is a good idea.

  • Tickets are $10 in advance, $13 at the door.
  • Student and ETA member tix are $10 at the door only.
  • CWC TIX BY PHONE – 859 957 3456 – 9a-7p, Mon-Sat.
  • CWC WEB TIX – Click here for online tickets

  • Local Ticket Outlets:
  •   Sitwell's Coffee House  
    513 281 7487 – Ludlow Ave, Clifton
  •   Lookout Joe Coffee Roasters  
    513 871 8626 – Mt. Lookout Square
  •   Coffee Emporium  
    513 651 5483 – Downtown Cincinnati

  • British Arrows Awards If you enjoy CWC's Oscars Shorts you'll like the Britisch Arrows. While both programs offer short stories selected for excellence in concept and execution, the Arrows adverts are more humorous and represent the best work from a field of 1,000 entries as selected by a jury of UK industry professionals.

    Advertising as Entertainment. Since we began annual Arrows screenings five years ago, we've learned that three program attributes bring people back: humor, variety and quality. Each year the British Arrows medalists consistently employ a winning combination: high-quality productions with top-tier directors and creatives skilled in the art of storytelling.

    Indeed, the Arrows are a welcome change from ho-hum fare assaulting us on screens of all sizes... cleverly written and executed adverts and PSAs offering exceptional creativity, powerful visual composition and music to match.

    The fast-paced Arrows program takes you from wickedly funny to profoundly emotional — celebrating love, family and the human spirit with an abundance of romance, animals and children.

    With most of these well-made little shorts, you'll not know they are ads or public service announcements — the sponsor name is often withheld until the final frames and it's fun to guess what brand or social issue is involved.

    If you don't laugh out loud or find a tear in your eye, check your pulse because you're
    not among the living!

    Previous British Arrows attendees know exactly what we're talking about, which is why they come back year after year. If you're new to the program, this is a must-see, one-of-a-kind experience — see for yourself!

    Join us on the Showboat Majestic to rekindle the 100-year history of floating cinema on American waterways. Learn more about the Reynolds family and the Majestic's status as a National Historical Landmark, here.

    Presented with support from ...
      British Arrows Walker Art Center  
    Cincinnati Parks
      Cincinnati Public Radio Cincinnati Public Radio  

    About the British Arrows Awards

    The British Arrows Awards, formerly the British Television Advertising Awards, is organized by Britsh Arrows, a not-for-profit company whose shareholders are companies involved with the making of commercials. Cincinnati World Cinema is grateful for the opportunity to share this fine program with the people of Greater Cincinnati and the Tri-State area.
    The awards were created in 1976 and were originally known as the London Television Advertising Awards. The purpose was to recognize and reward the best television commercials made by British advertising agencies and production companies.
    As time progressed, the scope of recognition was expanded to include commercials and PSAs directed to cinema, and in recent years, to viral Internet marketing and ambient media/out-of-home environments, (1), (2).
    Currently, the event attracts entry of roughly one thousand commercials, and a similar number of people attend the presentation of awards in London each March. From this large body of work, based on creativity and execution, a jury of UK advertising professionals selects the finalists, Bronze, Silver & Gold winners.
    U.S. showings of the awards began in 1984 at New York's Museum of Modern Art, where each year's BAA program is added to the Museum's permanent collection. Screenings eventually spread to other major cities in the U.S. and international exhibitions include the Hong Kong Museum of Art and the International Film Festival of Kerala in India.
    These screenings have offered an American audience exposure to the originality, wit, and creativity of British advertising as well as showcasing the work of recognized film directors such as Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, David Fincher, Hugh Hudson, and Alan Parker. The BAA program screenings have developed an influential reputation in the U.S. for creative excellence, enhanced by public and professional interest that has spawned further screenings across the country.
    Along with the Cincinnati World Cinema presention, the Arrows are shown in several U.S. locations: the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Detroit Institute of Art; Cleveland Museum of Art/Cleveland Cinemateque; North West Film Center, Portland; Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Yerba Buena in San Francisco, the Honolulu Academy of Art and recent additions such as Memphis, Denver, Darmouth NH, Milwaukee, Raefael Film Center, Marin, Madison WI, Hartford CT, and Anchorage AK.
    One location, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, is notable for its tremendous success with the British Arrows program. A holiday tradition developed over decades, Minnesotans and many from other states flock to the screenings each year and with roughly 90 screenings and an audience of over 25,000, the British Arrows at the Walker have turned into a cult gathering spanning the entire month of December. Arrows board members travel from London to the Minneapolis opening and the Walker is now an official British Arrows sponsor. Many thanks to film curator Dean Otto and his staff who facilitate distribution of the Arrows program throughout the U.S.
    The British Arrows associates itself with the Kodak Student Commercial Awards to foster emerging talent in film schools. More information can be found at Additional UK links of interest include:
  • History of Advertising Trust
  • The Institute of British Advertisers
  • The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising
  • The Advertising Producers Association
  • Thinkbox
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