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Essential Event Info

W H A T :

  • Student Short Docs
    Films by ten student teams, each 5 -10 minutes in length.
  • Genre: Short Documentary.
  • Post-film discussion led by Pamela Thomas and Aymie Majerski (see bios below).
  • NR (not rated); suitable for all audiences, jr/sr high school and older.

  • W H E N :

  • Saturday, April 19, 2 pm
  • Doors open at 1:30 pm

  • W H E R E :

  • Cincinnati Art Museum,
    953 Eden Park Dr, Eden Park/Mt. Adams.
  • Easy Access, Free Parking
    click for Directions & Map

  • T I C K E T S :

  • Tickets are FREE to all junior/senior high school students with valid ID and $5 for all others. Proceeds benefit the film program at Clark Montessori High School.


  • Toll-free telephone, 1-877-548-3237
  • By phone and in person at the Cincinnati Art Museum, 513.721.ARTS

    Ticket sales begin and doors open at 1:30 pm, Saturday April 19.

    About the Project

    The Peter H. Clark Montessori Junior High and High School, known simply as Clark Montessori, is part of the Cincinnati Public School system and open to Cincinnati residents without tuition.

    With an academic program utilizing the methods of Maria Montessori, the school also focuses on elements designed to broaden the education provided. These include Community Service ranging from 36 - 50 hours per year; Intersession, a two-week in-depth immersion program occurring twice each year; and Senior Project, a year-long assignment similar to a thesis, involving a topic chosen by the individual student.

    The Clark Montessori Student Short Documentary Films, aka: Student Short Docs, is an Intersession project involving 9 teams of three to four students each. During the two-week Intersession period the student teams learn about the characteristics of documentary films and analyze influential short docs for technique and effect. Then, they develop thematic concept, prepare an outline and rough script, shoot and edit their documentary films.

    Clark Montessori High School

    The resulting short docs will range from 5 - 10 minutes in length, offering the students' vision of life in Cincinnati, capturing neighborhood, family, school situations and community issues.

    The Documentary Film Intersession project is led by three members of the Clark Montessori faculty: Brad Meyers is in his sixth year as a educator and teaches 9th grade English and also supervises the senior video project. Michael Smyth is in his eighth year as an educator, teaching 9th and 10th grade English and serving as the yearbook advisor. Malena Trujillo is new to Clark and teaches Spanish.

    The project is important for a number of reasons. The students gain knowledge in using visual images to tell a story. They acquire hands-on experience with digital video, editing and playback equipment. The students explore ways to creatively express their concerns and viewpoints. And, they gain experience working in teams.

    We salute the administration and faculty at Clark Montessori for offering such an opportunity, and congratulate the students on their application of creativity, knowledge and effort.

    Learn more about Clark Montessori High School

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    The Clark Montessori High School
    Student Short Documentary Films

    the Clark Montessori Short Documentary Filmmakers

    CWC hosts the Clark Montessori Student Short Documentary Showcase, with post-film discussion led by documentary filmmaker Pamela Thomas and producer Aymie Majerski.

    Nine teams of students from Clark Montessori will share their vision of life in Cincinnati in short documentary format. These 5-10 minute films capture neighborhoods, families school situations and community issues. Film roster and team members are below.

    Proceeds will benefit the film and video program at Clark Montessori School.

    Ian, Charles and James Deer: White Tail, Black Heart, By Charles Hanson, Ian Zeglin, and James Phillips; Phat Pandas Productions

    When you think of deer, you think of sweet, cuddily, gentle Bambi. Wrong! Deer are overpopulating, dangerous, and hazardous to suburban life.

    Luigi, Lauren, Derrick School Food, By Derrick Scudder, Luigi Schisano, and Lauren Meacham; DL3

    Exploring Hypocrisy: the difference between what schools say their students should eat as part of a balanced and nutritious meal and what they actually serve in their cafeterias.

    Daniel and Ebony Academic Disaster, By Daniel Hagerstrand, Ebony Dyer, and Alice Wathen; ADE

    High school dropouts. Why does this happen, what is the cause?

    Demarco, Raven and Zakiya Our Population is Getting Bigger, By Demarco Robinson, Zakiya Phillips, and Raven Walker; Marco and Company

    Exploring the rapid increase in obeseity in America: why it is happening and how it can be stopped.

    Leland, San and Devon Epic Origins: Creating Fantasy, By Devon Clarke, Leland Davis, and Sam Nichols; Twisted Freedom Productions

    The quest to find the process of creating fantasy based on reality.

    Lawrence, William, Kelly and Catherine Pregnancy among Teenage Black Girls, By Lawrence Larkin, Catherine Leonard, William Campbell, Kelly Huff; Soo-Woo

    The inside story about teenage pregnancy amongst black girls, from those who know.

    Jehan, Lindsey and Tony Reality of American Families, By Tony Smith, Jehan Altman, and Lindsey White; JLT Productions.

    Most people think American families are two parents in a household, but that is not the case.

    CJ and Damian Sporting Impact, By Damien Hart and CJ Briggerman; DNC Productions.

    Sports can have a positive impact on a teenager's grades, character, and life.

    Ricky, Rhulon & Dylanon High School Stories, By Ricky Thompson, Rhulon Hart, and Dylan Hamilton; Milk Man Productions.

    Exploring the differences between Clark and other schools in the area.



    Post-Film Discussion Leader

    Pamela A. Thomas

    Pam Thomas is a filmmaker, film historian, educator, writer and producer, who originated and co-produced (along with Bestor Cram), the award-winning documentary, MIDNIGHT RAMBLE: Oscar Micheaux and the Story of Race Movies for the PBS documentary series The American Experience.

    In addition, she is the founder and Executive Director of BLACK FOLKS MAKE MOVIES, a newly formed non-profit organization utilizing education, screenings, empowerment and history to celebrate and encourage the contributions Black filmmakers have made to American cinema and American history.

    With her interest in race movie history and early Black cinema, Ms. Thomas lectures around the country on the significance and impact of race movies in this country. In addition to her public speaking, research and producing pursuits, Ms. Thomas was the founder and executive director of RAW STOCK: Celebrating Cinema, Oakland, CA, a film festival focusing on filmmakers of color locally, nationally, & globally. An annual event, RAW STOCK is based out of Mills College in Oakland.

    As producer she is currently working on BLACK LIGHT: The First Century of Black American Cinema, a ten-part series for cable television. This is a historical exploration of film contextually demonstrating the visual perception of the Black image from the Black American perspective. In so doing, BLACK LIGHT defines and conceptualizes the impact Black American Cinema has on our culture, our history and American Cinema.


    Awards and professional recognition received by Ms. Thomas include: Cine Golden Eagle; Chris Award; National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC) Prized Pieces Award; NBPC Community Choice Award for Best Documentary; NBPC Community Choice Award for Best Producer; NEFV Foundation Gold Apple Award and a Silver Hugo.

    About Black Folks Make Movies

    Black Folks Make Movies ~ Pamela Thomas website:

    Contact Pamela Thomas: 513-546-3390 or blackfolksmakemovies@yahoo.com.

    Also see: the CWC Black Cinema Resources Page: click here.

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    Post-Film Discussion Leader

    Aymie Majerski

    Aymie Majerski is Executive Producer and founding partner of Barking Fish Lounge, Barking Fish Entertainment and Reel Kids, LLC. With a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Montana majoring in directing and acting, Aymie has accumulated extensive production credits over the past decade in a variety of genres - indie shorts, independent feature films, music videos and television series.

    One of her current projects is the launch of IndieVizuals.com, an online video sharing community where young filmmakers, ages 8 to 17, can acquire the knowledge and tools for creating their own videos while sharing their work with their friends. (Read more about IndieVizuals.com in the section below.) And, as the mother of a teenager, Aymie knows the importance of providing family-friendly, safe websites for young people where they can create and share video works with their peers.

    About Barking Fish Lounge

    Joe Busam, Terry Lukemire and Aymie Majerski are partners in the Barking Fish Lounge. Now based in the Covington Arts District, Barking Fish Lounge offers a broad spectrum of professional video and film services including concept development, content creation, graphics/animation and production. A sister effort, Barking Fish Entertainment develops television and film properties.

    IndieVizuals.com (or IndieViz.com) is a COPPA-compliant, educational video-sharing community for filmmakers and musicians between the ages of 8 and 17. Think YouTube for kids.

    This subscription site allows users to express their creativity and share their original movies and music with one another while parents feel secure that the site is monitored and safe. All IndieViz.com content and member activity is monitored by the Reel Kids, LLC quality control staff to ensure a family-friendly safe-haven for its members. All IndieViz.com members are Parent Authorized and confirmed.

    In addition to providing a monitored community, IndieViz.com provides an online curriculum developed by film and education specialists. Subscribers are able to interact with film industry professionals, download production sheets, music and videos, watch tutorials, participate in online film festivals and more.

    IndieViz.com also offers numerous educational resources for schools and video clubs, providing top notch, virtual filmmaking training at a discounted subscription rate.

    IndieVizuals is an online community that encourages its network to learn and grow while promoting teamwork and creativity in a safe, secure and educational environment.

    Website: IndieVizuals.com

    Contact Aymie Majerski at 859-431-9200 or aymie@barkingfishlounge.com.