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Essential Event Info

W H A T :

  • Digital, widescreen anamorphic digibeta format.
  • Running Time: 80 minutes.
  • Genre: comedy, romance, road movie.
  • Rated PG-13, mild sex and drug references

  • The feature will be preceded by a short film by Cincinnati filmmaker Steve Maisch:
  • Running Time: 14 minutes.
  • Genre: suspense/thriller.
  • Not Rated, suggest PG-13, consistent with the feature film.

  • W H E N :

  • Wednesday, May 21
  • Thursday, May 22
  • Friday, May 23

  • All screenings at 7:00 pm,
    doors open at 6:30 pm

    W H E R E :

  • Cincinnati Art Museum,
    953 Eden Park Drive, Eden Park/Mt. Adams.
  • Easy Access, Free Parking
    click for Directions & Map

  • T I C K E T S :

  • Cincinnati Art Museum,
  • Tickets are $9 for adults and $7 for Art Museum members and students with valid ID.

    $7 tickets are ONLY available online, by phone, at the Museum, and at the door subject to availability.


  • tollfree 1-877-548-3237
  • at the Art Museum or by calling 513 721 ARTS

  • ...and at these locations
    ($9 tix only, cash only),
    click each location below for a map:

  • Clifton-Ludlow Ave. -
    Sitwell's Coffee House
    513 281 7487

  • Mt. Lookout Square -
    Lookout Joe Coffee Roasters

    513 871 8626

  • Northside-Hamilton Ave -
    Shake It Music & Video
    513 591 0123

  • Downtown Cincinnati -
    Coffee Emporium
    513 651 5483

  • Tickets will also be available at the door, subject to availability.



    To complete your night out, we've arranged dinner discounts with two restaurants offering great food at reasonable prices:

    Andy's Mediterranean Grill. Conveniently located just a few blocks from the Art Museum at 906 Nassau Street near Gilbert Avenue.

    Ask your server for the CWC Discount on these nights and receive receive a 10% food-and- beverage discount (excluding alcohol) for meals before or afterthe film.

    Andy's features great Lebanese meat, chicken, fish and vegetarian specialities, including Kabobs, Shwarma, Lebanese Pizza, Baba Ghannouj, Labneh, Falafel, Hummus with Tahini, etc. Reservations suggested, call 513.281.9791. Click here for directions, menu and general info and click here for a map.

    The Terrace Cafe at the Cincinnati Art Museum.   CWC ticket holders attending on Wednesday film nights will receive a 10% discount (excluding alcohol); just ask your server for the CWC Discount. The restaurant fills up quickly on film nights, so reservations are recommended, call 513.639.2986. View menu here.

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    Last Stop for Paul
    A smart, funny and ultimately poignant story
    about world travel and the importance of friendship.

    FOR EXPERIENCED TRAVELERS  ...  for those who have yet to see the world  ...  and for everyone in-between,  LAST STOP FOR PAUL offers a marvelous common thread  --  the wonderful, often hilarious and at times daunting experience of traveling abroad, discovering the world and ourselves in the process.

    THIS DIGITAL FILM has a terrific "live" look, capturing beautiful settings where the characters encounter real people and a variety of cultures. With comedic mishaps, near-disasters, romantic encounters and poignant moments along the way, LAST STOP FOR PAUL will appeal to all who appreciate the adventure and excitement of seeing the world, framed by an engaging and humorous story.

    LAST STOP FOR PAUL is a fast-paced, well-shot adventure film that is just plain fun to watch! And, it will definitely bring back memories for those who have traveled or lived abroad and inspire those who have not.

    SO GRAB YOUR BEST FRIEND, lock your senses into the sights and sounds on the big screen and see the world along with Cliff and Charlie!!!


    Most everyone knows someone like Neil Mandt, a world traveler who at the drop of a hat can share amazing, funny and often hair-raising exploits in foreign lands. Two things make Neil unique and important to us as moviegoers -- he is an accomplished filmmaker well versed in the ways of shooting travel documentaries; and he is a gifted story teller.

    Story telling is the operative phrase here, as the film is essentially a free-form chain of vignettes that occur in different countries, linked together by the two central characters. And, a key linking device is the 'story telling,' which is literal, as Mandt's voice-over narrative sets up events, fills in the blanks and provides location transitions.

    Mandt has been to 78 countries, accumulating more than a million frequent flyer miles. "LAST STOP FOR PAUL is based on real events," he says, "90% of the movie actually happened to me at one time or another." The film's construction and the melding of Mandt's disparate events into a seamless feature provides an intriguing back story, which we will explore in post-film discussion.

    Cinematographer Marc Carter (who stars as Cliff) and director Mandt (starring as Charlie) traveled to twenty countries on five continents, with principal shooting in the USA, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Antigua, Panama, Brazil, Chile, Easter Island, Gambia, Senegal, Egypt, Greece, the UK, Germany, Russia, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand.


    Charlie and Cliff are coworkers, salesmen in their late 20s or maybe early 30s, living in L.A.  Charlie travels every chance he gets and always invites Cliff, who always declines, never venturing far from home.

    This time, when Charlie proposes a trip to the famous Full Moon Party in Thailand, Cliff says "Yes" with two conditions: they take the ashes of his just-deceased friend Paul (who had been planning a global trip); and they purchase round-the-world tickets and deposit Paul's ashes across the globe as they head for Thailand.

    The airfare takes most of their money, so Charlie arranges for them to pose as Frommer's Travel Guide writers so they can cadge free food and lodging. With two weeks until the full moon, they set out to visit as many places as they can, taking in the local scenes and depositing a bit of Paul's remains in each location.

    Charlie and Cliff do what any two young guys on the road would do - see the sights and look for adventure, parties and romance. They meet some wacky folks, have close calls with disaster, meet interesting women, find a bit of sex and romance and a lot of beautiful scenery, party when they can and share some unbelievable adventures that change their lives forever.


    Armed with a Panasonic DVX-100A digital camera and traveling light with minimal gear, director Neil Mandt and DP Marc Carter accomplished something rare on a tight budget -- a beautifully shot, artfully edited film that entertains and informs.

    If while watching, you think the vignettes (mentioned above) form 'chapters,' you are not mistaken. Designed from inception to be distributed as webisodes as well as a feature release, various chapters were first released on the Internet. Director Mandt says that about 25% of the total film was released in installments on-line.

    He has also suggested that his film may be the very first to make the transition from webisode to theatrical release. HEADS-UP FILM FANS -- this looks like the wave of the future, at least in terms of limited-budget, independent works.

    An unidentified reviewer at the Connecticut Film Festival summed up the production elements this way:

    "It's a tough call as to which is better; LAST STOP FOR PAUL the movie or the way LAST STOP FOR PAUL was made. The reviews and awards speak for themselves, but what you probably don't know is the story behind the story which is nothing short of amazing. All they had was one camera, two wireless microphones, three batteries, and a rough story outline. They traveled without a crew, a cast or having scouted one location; all of this was to be done on the fly as they made the movie.

    "There weren't any casting calls along the way, just strangers picked up on the street to either act in a scene or hold the camera as Neil and Marc delivered their improvised lines. The experience of making the movie was like none other in the history of Hollywood. No cast, no crew, no script, great movie. See for yourself."

    Well actually, director Neil Mandt had been to some of the places before and, some tech types and friends popped in at various locations to assist with production and supporting roles. But the production was indeed largely as the reviewer says, a free-form adventure that turned out to be a smart, funny and poignant story about world travel.

    There is a fun bonus at the end: various out-takes during the credits, where Neil is teaching local cast members their lines. The clip where the Thai boatman, who speaks no English and uses a machete for punctuation, learns his lines phonetically, is a hoot!

    Post-Film Discussion

    Discussion leaders include
  • Chris Strobel, Professor of Electronic Media and Broadcasting, NKU.
  • Steve Maisch, Northern Kentucky Filmmaker.
  • Greg Newberry, Cincinnati filmmaker.


    WITH MR. D.

    Cincinnati World Cinema is pleased to present the U.S. premiere of local filmmaker Steve Maisch's short film, A CONVERSATION WITH MR. D, screening each night before the feature presentation.

    Tiffany Arnold and Brian Murray


    A hit man makes a house call.

    His quarry is away so he waits, holding the woman in the house at gunpoint.

    Frightened and alone, how far will a woman go to protect her family?

    But ... Things are not what they seem and secrets are revealed in the surprise ending of A Conversation with Mr. D.

        Watch the trailer here.

    Steve Maisch is a screen writer and Cincinnati native, living in Florence KY with his wife and three children. In addition to his work as a writer and script supervisor on independent films, he has directed several short films, of which "Conversation" is the second.

    Another Steve Maisch short, Q is for Quadrunner, will screen as part of the Cincinnati Fringe Film Festival, coming soon to Over-The-Rhine.

    Cast & Crew

    Co-stars Brian Murray as "Mr. D", and Tiffany Arnold as "Chris", are from Cincinnati and Columbus, respectively.

    On the tech side, the crew is from Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky:

       Sound & Lights
    Pam Valz, Brian Shcierberg, Todd Cogar, Teresa Cogar, Steve Maish, Terry Maisch-Smith and Brian Arnold.

       Edited by
    Kevin Meeks and Steve Maisch

       Produced by
    Pam Valz, Kevin Meeks and Steve Maisch

       Written & Directed by
    Steve Maisch

    Filmed in Northern KY,
    is a Get The Sword Studios production.

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    Cast & Crew, LAST STOP FOR PAUL

    Neil Mandt stars as "Charlie" and is the writer, director and producer of LAST STOP FOR PAUL.
    Neil Mandt

    Neil began his professional television career in Detroit as the entertainment reporter for the NBC affiliate WDIV TV-4, at the age of 20. From Detroit he moved to Los Angeles where he wrote, directed, produced and co-starred in Hijacking Hollywood (1996). Neil followed that film with two others, Arthur's Quest and Million Dollar Kid.

    In 2000 he won an Emmy Award for his work as a producer for NBC at the Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Next, Neil and his brother Michael formed Mandt Brothers Productions to create television programming, producing the hits Beg, Borrow & Deal and Jim Rome is Burning for ESPN.

    In 2004 the Mandt Brothers produced a pilot for the Travel Channel titled Travel Stories. After completion of the pilot Neil decided to turn the series concept into a feature length movie, and LAST STOP FOR PAUL was born, launching a three year journey to bring the film to the silver screen.

    Michael Mandt is one of the producers of LAST STOP FOR PAUL.
    Michael Mandt

    Michael is a partner in Mandt Brothers Productions. After graduating from Fordam University in New York, he started his television career as a production assistant at ESPN headquarters in Bristol CT, working on SportsCenter and other studio shows. After two years, he moved back to New York as a freelance sports programming producer for ESPN, NBC, ABC, TNT, TBS, USA, NBA Entertainment and Major League Baseball Productions.

    As part of four Olympics and four X-Games, Michael garnered four ESPY Awards. His credits include Monday Night Football, This Week in Baseball and prior to partnering with his brother, he was the producer of HBO's On the Record with Bob Costas. Recognition received includes 9 Emmy nominations, 3 Emmy wins and one Cable Ace Award.

    Marc Carter plays the role of "Cliff" and is the Cinematographer of LAST STOP FOR PAUL.
    Marc Carter

    Marc began his photography studies in Hawaii in 1990, focusing on still photography. In 1992 he entered San Francisco State University's cinema program as a Cinematography Fellow. After graduation he spent ten years as a freelance Director of Photography, working with the NFL Network, E! Entertainment Television, TLC, A&E, MTV, Sci Fi Network, Discovery Channel and ESPN.

    In 2004 Marc joined Mandt Brothers Productions as the Executive Vice President of Production. Since then he has been involved in all aspects of the development and execution of the company's productions. For LAST STOP FOR PAUL, Marc co-starred with Neil Mandt and also served as the Cinematographer.

    Heather Petrone plays "Amy" in LAST STOP FOR PAUL.
    Heather Petrone

    Heather got her start in front of the camera at the age of three when she was chosen to be in a local Toys for Tots commercial. At the age of ten, Heather hosted a kids television with Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys), and was fascinated to see how productions worked behind the scenes.

    After moving to Orlando, FL, Heather graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BFA in the Theatre Performance program. Her interest in and talent for working behind the camera developed further when she wrote, produced and edited the short film Due West. She met Neil Mandt through a mutual friend just as production on LAST STOP FOR PAUL was beginning. Since then, Heather has gone on to work on shows such as E!'s My Crazy Life and House of Carters, HGTV's FreeStyle and A&E's Sons of Hollywood.   More on Heather: www.geocities.com/hpetrone

    Eric Wing plays "Craig" and was one of the film editors of LAST STOP FOR PAUL.
    Eric Wing

    Eric graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in film and moved to Los Angeles where he began his career in television as an intern for the Lifetime and ABC Family networks. In 2005 he joined Mandt Brothers Productions and worked as an associate producer on My Crazy Life for E! Entertainment Television.

    Eric joined Neil Mandt on location in Thailand and Vietnam to work on LAST STOP FOR PAUL. After principal photography wrapped, he worked as a film editor and music supervisor for the film.

    Greg Poppen plays "Will" in LAST STOP FOR PAUL.
    Greg Poppen

    Greg is a screenwriter with a long list of film and television credits, including an orginal movie for the ABC Family Channel and short films starring Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn for ESPN. He is also an actor and director (All American for ABC Sports).

    Greg and Neil Mandt met almost ten years ago, when Mandt directed two of Greg's early screenplays. This led to a long and successful business relationship, including Greg's assignment as head writer on the Mandt Brothers production for E! Entertainment, My Crazy Life.

    Greg's experience as an actor in LAST STOP FOR PAUL was similar to that of the character Cliff, as this was his first around-the-world trip. Due to the language barrier and the shoot-on-the-fly nature of the production, he worried during the boxing scene that his Thai opponent, a professional kick-boxer, was not completely clear that the bout was "acting."

    Gavin Cooney plays "Frank" in LAST STOP FOR PAUL.

    While living in Sydney Australia, Gavin was backpacking around South East Asia when he met director Neil Mandt, who was researching stories for what would become LAST STOP FOR PAUL. Having spent years traveling the world, Gavin had many experiences to share ... most of which could not go into a PG movie! One however, about traveling South America in a beat up old VW van called Stacey (named after Wayne's psycho ex-girlfriend in Wayne's World, was perfect. A few months later, he found himself flying back to Chile to recreate his travels there for the big screen.

    Gavin now lives in Ireland, with his dog Baxter, dividing his time between his educational technology company "Learnosity" and indulging his passion for travel.

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    Festival Awards

    LAST STOP FOR PAUL has won 45 festival awards:

    Best Narrative, Monaco Intl Film Festival

    Maverick Filmmaker Award, Newport Beach Film Festival

    Best Comedy, Eugene Intl Film Festival

    Best Screenplay, Plymouth Independent Film Festival

    Best of Fest, Illinois Intl Film Festival

    Best Digital Picture, Edmonton Intl Film Festival

    Best Buddy Picture, Seattle True Independent Film Festival

    Best Picture, Central Florida Film Festival

    Best Picture, Home Brewed Film Festival

    Best Digital Picture, Frozen Film Festival

    Best Story, Dixie Film Festival

    Best Director, Sunscreen Film Festival

    Best Picture, Action on Film Festival

    Best of Fest, Last Call Film Festival

    Best Feature Film, River's Edge Film Festival

    Best Comedy, Indie Gathering Film Festival

    Best Picture, Independent's Film Festival

    Best Director, Lakedance Intl Film Festival

    Runner Up - Best Picture, Rhode Island Intl Film Festival

    Runner Up - Best Picture, Da Vinci Film Festival

    Honorable Mention - Best Picture, Reel Heart Intl Film Festival

    Honorable Mention, The Accolade Film Awards

    Honorable Mention - Best Picture, Ellensburg Film Festival

      Best Picture, Santa Cruz Film Festival

    Best Picture, Sonoma Valley Film Festival

    Audience Choice Award Best Picture, Eugene Intl Film Festival

    Best Picture, Mt. Rainer Independent Film Festival

    Best Screenplay, Canadian Intl Film Festival

    Best Screenplay, Foursite Film Festival

    Best Picture, Solstice Film Festival

    Original Vision Award, Sidewalk Moving Picture Film Festival

    Best Director, DIY Film Festival

    Best Picture, DIY Film Festival

    Independent Spirit Award, Santa Clarita Valley Film Festival

    Best of Fest, Planet Ant Film & Video Festival

    Best Comedy, Planet Ant Film & Video Festival

    Best Picture, Hardacre Film & Cinema Festival

    Audience Award - Best Picture, Toofy Film Festival

    Best Picture, TriMedia Film Festival

    Best of Fest, Black Earth Film Festival

    Runner Up - Best Picture, Bluegrass Independent Film Festival

    Runner Up - Best Picture, Lake Arrowhead Film Festival

    Runner Up - Best Picture, First Glance Philly Film Festival

    Honorable Mention - Best Picture, Flashpoint Film Festival

    Honorable Mention - Best Picture, SoCal Independent Film Festival

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